After coming home and taking care of the bees (see my other blog for details on that), I got to sit and watch my yard for a bit. The air was full of bees over half of my yard. They were coming and going from all three colonies, and dozens of confused, lost girls floated around from tree to bin in search of the swarm I’d captured. This made lunch very easy for the 4 dragonflies my yard has acquired. We have 2 blue brown ones, the state-dragonfly which is a lovely iridescent green color, and a bright red one. I love the red one. I got to watch the red one pop up from its perch and snag a bee to eat every so often, but it was the state-dragonfly that was the most fascinating. It’s so big! I didn’t realize it was such a large dragonfly. It was probably only 4 inches long, but that’s still one big bug. It landed on one of our camellias and enjoyed a tasty honeybee. I really do not mind if they eat their fill. I have more bees than I know what to do with currently, and watching the dragonflies dash around the yard is great fun. Everyone has to eat something!

I really just wanted to post about that. Oh! And the thunder and lightning storm we had last night! I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep when a bright flash of light lit up my window. I didn’t think anything of it, but it happened repeatedly so I got up to look and saw a bright flash of lightning. I got dressed and went outside to watch for the next hour, despite it being 12:30 in the morning. I got a few pictures with my phone, but I’ll spare you the little blips of light and show you my best one.

This was the kind of storm that light up the entire sky with forked lightning and thunder that rolled on for minutes. It was great! I wish we had storms like this more often; they’re such a rarity in the northwest, despite the incessant rain. To quote Sleepless In Seattle, “it rains 9 months out of the year in Seattle!”.

Anyway, after watching the weather for a good portion of an hour it started raining and the majority of the lighting had moved down over puget sound. So I went back to bed. It was great fun though!