The unbirthday party went off without a hitch today! It was actually quite fun. We made a large pitcher of iced-tea and my neighbors roommate brought over finger sandwiches. She made ham and mustard sandwiches, as well as cucumber sandwiches. Aaaand she made a lovely gluten free cake, which was delicious with the fresh raspberries we all picked and ice-cream. We ate the finger sandwiches and my grandmothers famous pasta-salad with my great great grandmothers silver (yeah, we got real fancy today) while we waited for the tea to finish cooling in the fridge. It was a lovely day out and perfect for drinking tea and enjoying a bit of nice company.

The weather was great so long as you sat still. I am not a heat person at all, so I was stuck fighting the heat by drinking lots of ice water and hiding in the shade. I melt if I get too hot. The bees were even too hot today, and greatly appreciated getting wet when I turned the sprinkler on in the evening. My dogs even appreciated it, and Buttercup got so excited by it she began running around like a spaz. I think I’ll bring the sprinkler down and put it in the grass for them to run around in. She hasn’t been playing as excitedly as she used to because of the heat, and because she’s been stung every day for the last week and a half. The bees get ‘lost’ in the grass and then she steps on them and she gets stung. The other day she actually started yelping, which she NEVER does.

I think I forgot to mention I had a graduation party a week ago. About 30 people showed up and we had loooots of food. We literally had enough leftovers that we were able to host “after parties” for several days afterwards. I gained several pounds, I’m sure.

Things around here are continuing on as normal I suppose. I’m just kind of stuck at home because of the heat, and because I have no where to go because I’m ‘home schooling’ for the summer. I bought myself an iPhone for a graduation gift to myself. As well as a teapot, and a new kettle! Today was it’s “maiden voyage”, as it was used for our tea party.

Tomorrow will be spent mostly fighting the heat and reading I think. I really should get a job…