I absolutely love spring and the early part of summer. The world fills with new life as bugs and birds alike become abundant in the garden. Although the purple finches stopped coming regularly once the turnips had been consumed completely, they still show up occasionally. We have the same three hummingbirds fighting over our yard as we do every year, and the same two blue dragonflies eating all the bugs they can catch. Although this year the infamous red dragonfly did appear early, which I’m taking to be a good sign. I’ve set a dish that should be under a large pot out in the garden and filled it with water and some rocks for the animals. It’s up on a stump so the dogs can’t reach it. When the finches were daily visitors they would come and drink out of on of the dogs bowls, lol. Oh, and the swallowtail butterfly that usually only visits us once or twice for the whole summer has been here over a dozen times in the last week or so. The same two white butterflies, with little eyes on their wings, whose name I cannot remember, are also back this year, as they are every year.

The only thing my yard needs is a pond for the dragonflies to breed in, and a fountain to invite them (they like the sound of running water), and it will be the epitome of tranquility. It’s dangerous to sit on my back porch, as once you’ve sat down all will to work leaves you and you’re stuck admiring the glow of the garden from the shade of my patio cover. The trill of birds, the hum of bees, the playing of dogs, the rustling of leaves; its enough to relieve any amount of tension, no matter how great.

Did I mention we have a pair of house-rens nesting in the grape-hyacinth patch in the front yard, not two feet from the sidewalk? They’re perfectly hidden in the tangled mess of dried stems and seed pods. I leave the stems of the hyacinth alone until they’ve gone to seed, because I like when the flowers spread, and because the finches like to eat them. I was cleaning out the area (because eventually it just becomes unseemly) and found the nest, filled with 5 light blue eggs with red bottoms. We also occasionally have chickadees, bush-tits, gold finches, and junkos running around the yard. The junkos eat my blueberries.

I’m amazed at the increase in life in the yard since I got my bees. There are more flowers, more birds, more bugs, and more life in general. Apparently dragonflies like to eat honeybees. They’re even considered a pest in apiaries because of their ability to eat their own body weight in 30 minutes. They’re supposedly able to noticeably reduce the population of a hive. No matter; I love them just the same!

I’m having an un-birthday party this sunday with my neighbors roommate; the one who helped me capture the first swarm some weeks ago. She and I also had a tea party yesterday because she wanted to come and enjoy the peace and quite of my yard with me, and because I had just gotten my first teapot in the mail. Its a Brown Betty, but I love it. I searched for weeks online for the right one, as I’m veeery particular about the shape a teapot should be, and finally found the brown betty! I bought it immediately. It arrived with a small history of its creation and a sticker saying “made in England” on its side! The bottom is embossed with its maker’s and ‘made in England’ as well, much to my delight.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll let you know how the tea party goes!