Yesterday my mom and I went to the King Tut exhibit in Seattle. We wanted to get there early so we could get right in, but apparently a lot of people are interested in the exhibit because we got there at 9:45 when the science center opened and the earliest time to see the exhibit was 1:45. We spent the 4 hours waiting in the science center, looking at the various exhibits. They have an observation beehive, so I got to watch that for a while, and explain to all the kids that wandered past what was going on. I was surprised that there was a school group, because for most kids (myself included) school ended last week. My mom and I also walked through the butterfly house and butterflies landed on both of us.

The King Tut exhibit was fun, but I was surprised by the lack of King Tut stuff in it. Over half of it was random artifacts from other pharaohs. If I had been thinking better I would’ve taken some pictures for you all, but it slipped my mind. Unfortunately, after 4 hours on our feet at the other exhibits my mom and I were ready to be done for the day, so after looking at the first half of the King Tut exhibit we hurried through the rest. She was in her splint all day, which hurts her ankle, and I was in some older shoes that don’t have much in the way of padding/support.

My mom wanted to take this whole week off, so we could spend time together, but after a month of being at her beck and call I “asked” her to stay at work for the week, lol. She took yesterday off to go to the science center with me, as I’ve wanted to go for months and this was the only free moment I’ve had, but she’ll probably be at work for the rest of the week. I feel bad about telling her I’d rather not have her home during my time off from school, but I really just need a break from everyone. I’ve become meaner with this whole father/sister/family betrayal thing, and with the added responsibility of doing everything around the house (which in itself is really not bad at all) I’ve just been tired. My neighbors have been “helping” my mother by telling me to do things as well, which did nothing to help me. I actually had to stop talking to them for a day or two because they were ordering me to mow my lawn despite the fact that I was doing other housework. Having them bark orders at me because I was leaving the lawn long so the clover could feed the bees, while I was out weeding, was really frustrating, lol.

My sister has been coming over almost every weekend, though how she has the nerve amazes me. She comes up here and sits for hours to complain about how my dad treats her. I don’t understand how my mom is able to sit there and engage in the conversation, because I struggle with not telling her what a contradictory fool she is. I usually try and find something to do elsewhere to avoid even having to listen to her.

I haven’t been down to see anyone from my dad’s side of the family, although I did call my grandpa on fathers day to say hello. I’m planning to go see them next Tuesday.

Anyway, I should get going. I need to be ready to leave for my aunts in an hour. I’m planning on doing yard work at her house all week. I’m hoping the time over there will provide me with the opportunity to be productive but still collect my thoughts. I can do that over here, except my neighbor comes out to talk to me every hour or so and I have a hard time getting much done. I love her, but I need a break from her as well.