Its been a while since I did a post where I just sort of rambled about my life for a while, so I figured I might as well do that now.

I really want a pond. I mean, really really. I know I’m 18 and will be moving out in a few years and my mom will be stuck taking care of it once I’m gone, but I really want one. I looove dragonflies, and frogs, and water, and those three things go together fantastically in a pond. I’ve wanted one for… well, 5 years now? I’m not kidding when I say nature is my passion. I’d be more than content if all I did for the rest of my life was watch the various creatures of the world live out their lives. No eating, no drinking, just watched them. The intricacy of the life of even the simplest bug is fascinating to me, and a little backyard pond is a perfect place for all kinds of creatures to get together. Plus, the bees really need a place to get some clean water. Last year they didn’t seem to need much, but this year they’re getting water from 3 of the 4 places the dogs get water from. Which is troublesome because it means they’re interfering with the dogs, and they’re coming right up clos to the house, which is not good.

Anyway. I’m also struggling with whether I want to go to college over the summer or not. I’d really enjoy being done with school and just interning for some national park service or something. At the same time I know I need at least a bachelors degree, though preferably a masters. I definitely need a job, because with all the strain this drama with my dad has caused on my mom financially means she won’t be able to afford much of anything for me. And really, I should just be paying for things myself anyway because I’m certainly old enough to handle it. And by it, I mean my insurance, gas, and maaaybe an occasional snack. I definitely have the time for a full time job though. I sit around all day doing pretty much nothing. I feel bad, and I have applied a numerous places, but for some reason the drive to get a job is not there for me. I know once I have a job, I’ll be fine and will work without trouble. It’s getting the work that is such an effort.

Buttercup’s going to be 3 this year. Which means Kira is 4. Sam has got to be at least 13. I just wanted to mention that. I’ve already done the rant about how much I hate time for continuously moving forward and tearing my dogs away from me, but I just wanted to mention it again. Moving out without them coming with is going to be murder. I’m so glad that’s yeaaars down the road. I.e. 4. Maaaybe 5. We’ll see.

What else is new in my life? Oh, my neighbors keep getting us things. They found a weed wacker at a garage sale and bought it for us. My neighbor had a coupon for eggs so she got us some (even though we had a dozen eggs from my moms friend who keeps chickens, plus a store bought dozen on top of that) when she went shopping for herself. And today she came over and handed me a giant pumpkin plant. I’ve been talking about planting a giant pumpkin since last year, and she went out and bought one for our house and hers. She really is a nice lady. And her husband “baked” cupcakes for us (I have a feeling he bought them, because they were a little fancy and I don’t think he’s ever baked). He also bought us scones when he wen to a fair thing, and got my mom a box of chocolates for her birthday on Sunday. She’s 47 somehow… I got her a few plants from an expensive nursery (I had gift cards) for her gift.

My mom stayed home from work today, for no real reason. Last night we talked about painting the kitchen blue, and the dining room orange (I think all-orange dining rooms are fantastic), and today she got the painting bug and just went and bought orange paint. She painted the dining room in a matter of hours. Its really only got one wall, because the way the dining room is it shares an uninterrupted wall with the living room, and has no wall opposite that because that’s the kitchen and living room. So it’s just one orange wall. It brightened up the house a lot I think, and I like it a lot. I picked out the color and my mom found its equivalent.

That’s all I’ve got for now I think!