My sister just called my mom to say that her dad told her that he was responsible for nothing in all of this and she’s going to believe him. She has no intention of moving back. Did I mention she’s calling from a nice relaxing weekend away at the beach? I think she’s probably my second least favorite person on the planet. Ugh, I hate that she’s such a stupid, selfish bitch who goes along with anything her daddy tells her because he can afford anything her idiot heart desires. And my mom is maddeningly not blaming her for this by claiming “she’s a 16 year old girl, who never thinks of anyone but herself”, like that somehow excuses her from everything.

I hate her. And more than anything, I’m disappointed in her. Doubtless she’ll be spending the rest of her life as an ignorant, self-obssessed, wretch. I pity the man who marries her.