Yesterday my mom came home very upset because she found out that she has to pay my dad twice what he paid for my sister and I in child support. She said we might have to sell the house and get something a lot cheaper, as well as file for bankruptcy because she cant afford all of her debt on top of these support payments. I’m fairly certain they’re around $2000, because if I remember correctly child support for my sister and I was about $1000 a month.

I’m beyond furious with both my dad and my sister. I plan on going down and seeing my dad and telling him off, complete with a ‘you can rot in hell for all I care’ and then never speaking to him again. As far as I’m concerned once I’ve told him off he’s dead to me. I never want to see him, speak to him, or hear of him again.

I’m almost madder at my sister though. This whole situation is because of her and her inability to face the mess she created here with her friends. She moved down there to get a fresh start because she couldn’t handle things up here. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if it weren’t for the fact that it meant involving my dad again, and now completely screwing us over. She has no regard for anyone but herself, and the fact that my mom had to pay child support at all didn’t bother her. She chooses to ignore the fact that my dad blatantly lies to her and treats her badly, because she can get away with doing whatever she wants and has an unlimited amount of money at her disposal. If she does nothing to right the situation (i.e threatening to leave my dad if he accepts child support from my mom, or better yet, just leaving my dad) then I plan on telling her off just like I will my dad and disowning her as well.

Naturally my mom doesn’t want me to tell her that we’re probably going to have to move (which she already knew we were thinking about anyway) so she doesn’t know what my dad has done yet. But actually, come to think of it, she wasn’t concerned that we had to move before, so she’s pretty much already what I’m trying not to hate her for currently. Huh. Now that I’ve realized that, I really can’t stand her at all now. Its officially then. I no longer have a sister or a father.