This quarter in school involves a really long break between classes. I’m taking Astronomy 201 and Math 98 (equivalent to 9th grade math). Unfortunately Astronomy is from 9:30 to 10:20 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Math is every day from 1:30 to 2:20. Which means I’ve got a three-hour break, three days a week. I came home for lunch today. Its much too nice out (the weather report claims its only 57, but its definitely in the 70s where I’m sitting) to be stuck in a stuffy cafeteria. The dogs are glad to be out I think, except Sam. His dark fur makes him too hot almost instantly, so he’s inside. He’ll come lay on the cool concrete at my feet every so often, and when I first let him out he was rolling in the freshly mowed lawn, but for the most part he stays inside. Buttercup and Kira both play until they’re unable to breath, and then they take a break in the shade with me.

The bees are out of course. Every so often a flower will bob unexpectedly in the yard, and a little glowing orb of gold will streak away from it. The last couple days have been really nice, and flowers are popping up like crazy as a result. The blossoming cherry burst into bloom in under two days. All of the hyacinth are up, which is a big part of where the bees are getting their nectar from right now I think.

I’m really hoping I do well in Math this quarter. Math is my absolute worst subject. For some reason I just don’t understand it. I really need to figure it out though, because if I plan on being a botany major, I’m going to need a ton of chemistry classes. And Chemistry requires math. I hate both 😦