God it’s been ages since I posted last. It’s snowing, so I wanted to write something about the bees, and I figured I might as well do a personal post too. The last 3 months have been rather interesting, though relatively without incident. My sister’s friend S who stayed with us over the winter holidays moved in with us for the last three months. Her mom is completely insane and S has been trying for years to get away from her. Her mother said she could live here for a month to see how things went, and then decided after two months it was suddenly no longer ok for S to live with us. K (S’s mother) took S to court to have her put on an at risk youth list or something like that, with the threat that if she didn’t do as K said she would be sent to jouvey.

My mom’s working with S’s attorney and her school to make sure S is taken care of, because K refuses to feed her if she breaks whatever the rule of the day is. And believe me, the rules change at the drop of the hat, and are often not even talked about until they’ve been broken. She’s worse than the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. Although, slightly less scary given she has no power over anyone other than S. Except to say she’s somehow a schoolteacher. Yet another reason why I hate this states school system. Any freaking lunatic can teach. Anyway, S’s friends got her free lunches at the school because her mom never provided her with anything, and once her mom found out she went to the school and made the school stop providing lunches for S. My mom called the school as soon as she found out and she was told that they wouldn’t stop feeding S and that K was only causing more trouble for herself.

The past 3 months have been a little stressful, mostly because S is so unaware of herself and rarely picked up after herself or offered to help around the house. I took a great deal of her lack of concern and her complete lack of awareness of others to be extremely rude and had a hard time of being nice to her if she left a mess or stepped on one of my dogs. Which happened at least twice a day. She reminds me of that kid in Charlie Brown who always had a cloud of dust surrounding him. S honestly is the messiest person I’ve ever met. I’m kind of amazed I didn’t completely tell her off.

My sister is enjoying herself down at my dads. I don’t know how she couldn’t, given he’s filthy rich. He’s 54 inch plasma TV broke, so instead of spending $1000 to fix it (that was too expensive he claimed) he went and bought a brand new 60 inch TV for $12,000. This coming from the guy who claims he’s not rich, and can’t afford my car insurance. It makes me sick every time I go down there. And since I’ve gotten my car I do try to go down once a week to see my grandparents and have dinner with my sister. She’s smoking cigarettes now. She offered me some when I went down last. I don’t know what made her think I’d be interested.

My mom has been busy at work and following the dramatic lives of her daughter and S. Per usual I’m put on the back burner. I generally don’t mind, simply because I rarely actually need anything. I do get rather frustrated when I do need something and she doesn’t seem to care or put anywhere near as much effort into it as she does with the other two kids she manages. I understand I’m 18 and that I should be taking care of things myself, but there are some things I do need help with or occasionally things I can’t do at all, and it really bothers me that she just doesn’t make any effort to help. It’s terribly hard being the boring child.

And last, but certainly not least; Sam. He’s doing loads better since he hurt his leg and is making it up and down the stairs to my room just fine. He even gets up on the couch like he used to. He limps occasionally, mostly if he’s been lying still for too long, but once he gets moving again he’s alright. That said, he doesn’t stay on his feet for too long at all. He usually just lies down under the patio cover when we go outside. He kind of always did that though, since there isn’t proper room for him to run around. I wish I’d walked him more when he was younger. It’s too late now, since he’s not supposed to even be going up the stairs. I feel bad not walking the little dogs as well, but I certainly wouldn’t leave Sam home to walk them. I feel stuck in this place of mixed emotion, where I’m happy to have him around still, but also sad I can’t do much of anything with him, and completely unwilling to do anything without him. It doesn’t help that my mom is still as unaffectionate with him as ever. He still labors down the hall after her to see her when she gets home and all she does is yell at him. She pets him the least of the three dogs and yells at him the most. This makes me feel even more close to him unfortunately, since we are both the least attended to of the creatures my mom watches over.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully I’ll post more often so you’re not all stuck with a novel of a post like this.