Sam hurt his back left leg really bad yesterday. I had let the dogs out after I got out of the shower and gone upstairs to continue ready. I got a weird feeling (like I did when the gate was open and the dogs got out) so I went outside to see what was wrong. I opened the door in time to see Sam jump down from the top tier and begin hopping toward the steps to come inside. Kira was being an idiot and running back and forth next to the fence barking at the neighbor dog. I called them all in (I had to go up to the top to get Kira) and then made Sam sit down on the rug. I had to go to school, but ended up coming home early because I couldn’t focus and wanted to make sure Sam was ok. I came home and Sam was standing shakily at the door waiting for me to come in, like he always does. After saying hello to him I made him sit back down on the rug, since he was having trouble on the hardwood.

If you remember, last year he tore the ligament in his back right leg. We’re not exactly sure what he’s done to his back left leg, but we’re pretty sure he’s torn the ligament in that one too. Whatever it is, he’s hurt it a lot more than he hurt the last one. He can’t put any weight on it and has to hop around on three legs. My mom had texted me at school to tell me I should give him some pain meds we’ve had since he hurt his leg the first time. I gave him the pill and some other stuff, which helps promote ligament growth or repair or something like that. He was pretty tired after that, but did manage to make it outside to go to the bathroom. He has a lot of trouble with the small step up into the house though. He got too hot being inside, so I let all the dogs out for a bit. Sam laid down in his usual spot at the edge of the patio and refused to come in for a while. I finally made him come inside once he started shaking from the cold. He had trouble standing up so I had to pick him up before he could start moving.

I feel like we should put him down, because I don’t want him to suffer just because we can’t afford the surgery to fix both of his legs, and because we weren’t willing to put him out of his misery either. Honestly, I feel like he’s just been hit by a car. That’s what I’m comparing this to. His front half is completely fine, but his back half is in constant pain and is almost unusable. I spent a good hour crying about it yesterday. I told my mom I thought we should put him down and she was completely against it. She wanted me to take him to the vet this morning, but then decided she needed the car more than he needed to go to the vet, so I couldn’t. She’s being forced to go to stupid parenting classes because my dad told the court that she was a bad parent and that’s why my sister went down to live with him. And my idiot sister is refusing to talk about the situation with anyone up here, or with a councilor. My mom finally forced her to go see a councilor, because the courts need her official statement.

So I’m home with Sam today (thankfully there’s no class because of teacher training or something), which is fine. No one will be home until 10 tonight, at the earliest. I don’t suppose I’ve mentioned this before, but my sister’s friend S has moved in with us. She’s been living here for about a month now, despite her crazy mother. Everything was going relatively ok until Sam hurt his leg. Now… he’s kind of lost his spirit a bit. He doesn’t have that happy glow in his eyes when you look at him, and he barely wags his tail. While I was crying yesterday, a massive murder of crows assembled around the house, like they knew something was going on. My mom is reluctant to put him down, but I really think it would be best. I just don’t think having him constantly asleep because of pain meds, and barely able to walk while he was awake, would be any better.

I’ll post a few pictures of all the dogs running around in the massive amount of snow we got a while back. Sam loved it, and ran around like a puppy the whole time he was out.