I had no motivation to do anything when I woke up today. Eventually I forced myself out of bed, only to sit down and play video games for a couple hours. I have trouble finding productive things to do with my day. However, I did manage to sign off and vacuum the majority of the house, and then rearrange my room so it feels a little bigger again. I have too much large furniture. Then I cleaned the front bathroom, showered, and signed online for a bit.

This paragraph is going to make me sound extremely spoiled, but just bear with me and know that being spoiled is not my goal. My dad called and asked what I wanted for Christmas. I sent him my list, but felt guilty for it. My mom hates not being able to get my sister and I things like my dad can. She feels guilty about it or something, I don’t know. I honestly don’t care that my mom won’t be getting me as much as my dad will for Christmas. She’s had to deal with a lot more in the past ten years, and despite the fact that she makes more money than him, she’s in a lot of debt. I’m happy just having a home for Christmas. So I sent my dad my list, even though it means leaving my mom with even less gift choices for me. It doesn’t really mean anything, getting gifts from my dad. They’re just his meaningless apologies really. So when I ask for things from him… I don’t hold the same value to it like I do with my mom. He’s just someone I go to if I want something. My mom works really hard every day to keep what we have, so asking for things I don’t need from her makes each thing really valuable to me. The fact that she’s getting a second job makes me not want to ask for anything.

So today I baked her a cake. Yesterday I finally made myself pancakes for breakfast, and left the cookbook out and open to the cake page when I went to my aunts to make my mom’s Christmas present (more on that in a minute). My mom got home before I did and saw the cake page and thought I had made a cake. She made it sound like she really wanted one; so today I made a Pumpkin-Molasses cake with butter frosting.

Here’s a picture of it.

It came out of the oven half an hour ago, so I’ll probably put the frosting on pretty soon.

Of course I forgot tonight is the night my mom’s going Christmas shopping, so she got home in time to see me pulling the cake out of the oven, and then dashed off to the mall before it had cooled. I guess the good news is she’ll come home to a nice cake after several hours at the mall.

As for my gift to my mom, I wasn’t sure what I was getting her. To be honest, I didn’t even think about getting her anything until last week. The thought that I should get her a gift hadn’t crossed my mind. See, this makes me sound selfish. However. I remembered I made her a stepping stone during the summer, which I’ll carry over here on Thursday. While I was down at my dads, my sister said she would be getting my mom a massage, so I bought her a coffee so she’d put my name on that. And then yesterday my aunt called me to invite me over to make glass birdfeeders. I should’ve taken a picture.

You get a bunch of old glass vases and a bunch of clear glass plates and stack them up in a fun way and then glue them all together. We didn’t have enough vases or plates/glass trays and things to make them the proper height, since my two cousins were also making these feeders as well. You’re supposed to make them 4 vases tall, and then sink the bottom vase into the ground. These are only 2 vases tall… Also, you glue the tops to tops to keep the vases empty of debris. So it should go, Normal standing vase, then upside down vase, then normal standing vase, then upside down vase. Then you glue on a large plate or platter, then a cup or a candlestick or something. Something fun looking, but tall enough to keep space between the plate and the next feeder tier, which can be a shallow bowl or a little dish for under your cup of tea or something. It was really fun, but my older cousin took forever to get over to my aunts, so we didn’t start until about an hour and a half after I got there. It didn’t take long to do once we got started though. About an hour I’d say, since we were all sharing a glue gun (my aunt used some special type of glue) and we could only glue two things together at a time. It was mostly just sitting and waiting for the glue to dry.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today! I really should come up with a proper sign off.