I went to my dads randomly today. Just for the day, you know. I was supposed to be down at 12, but my dad texted me to tell me he would be at work and my sister would be working out then, so I should come at 1. So I went down at 1 and went to visit my grandparents. It was my noni’s 83rd birthday yesterday. She was all excited about getting calls from everyone and my Papa taking her out for dinner. But she hates odd numbers, so the fact that she’s 83 is bothersome. She’s so funny.

I went to my dads from there, and found only my sister home (first time I thought ‘why did I come down’?). She wanted to go tanning (this is the second time I thought ‘why did I come down’). So I went with her to go tanning. I just sat there for 20 minutes, not doing anything. We drove around for a bit, and went and saw my dad’s duplex he bought “because your (my) mother made me (him)”. It was a piece of junk. After driving around for a bit more we went home.

My dad was home, signing Christmas cards. We barely said hello he was so busy (third time I thought, why did I come). I sat and watched tv for a while, then his girlfriend came over to make cookies and asked us to help. I spent more time with her than with him. We finished cookies then my dad left to get a spare key made for my sisters car. Since my car is no longer mine really. Even though I’ll be getting it once I’m 18 supposedly. He also needed to go buy proper floor mats for the car, since he was too cheap to do that at the dealership. Before he left we planned to go out to dinner. But after another hour and a half of sitting and watching TV, without visiting with anyone, I was annoyed at having come down. I tried starting conversations with my sister, but she wasn’t really interested in talking to me. My dad was too busy to bother. So I left. My sister seemed surprised, and my dad’s girlfriend wanted my sister to call my dad and was surprised to see me go as well. My dad called ten minutes later to ask how far away I was and that he just had some errands to run. I replied “well you seemed pretty busy so I figured I would go since you clearly had more important things to do.” He just replied “oh, ok” and then we said goodbye and that was that. I’m not sure I want to go down for Christmas at this point.

I headed home and had dinner with my mother, and that’s been the extent of my evening!