Today was a good day. I did very little for most of it, but the stuff I did do made me feel much better for some reason. I’ve rearranged the living room, moving the curio cabinet into the spare room, my rocking chair to where the curio used to be, the couch to the middle of the room where it usually sits for summer, and the coffee table over next to the door, so the mail will land on it when it’s pushed through the slot. The lamps have been switched, so the bendy dim one is next to the fire, and the three branched white lamp is behind the rocking chair. It brightened the whole room really, and took all of the glare out. Now if the chandelier (or what I call the chandelier) would just flip up side down, the lighting would be perfect. My mom walked in and said I should go into interior design. I don’t think it looks THAT good, but it is a step up from what it’s been, and the functionality of the room has gone up a bit I think.

Yesterday my mom and I started making applesauce. I can’t tell you how much I love homemade things. It just gets everything back to basics. I can’t explain it. Naturally I put too much water in, but I think it was for the best, because the house has smelled like apple pie all day.

I went to the Nutcracker with my friend H… I guess it was Sunday. I haven’t seen it in years. I couldn’t even tell you how long. Over a decade at least though. I usually hate dressing formally. I don’t know what it is, but something about it just makes me feel uncomfortable and stuffy. But this time I was in a proper suit. The kind with a vest and everything. It was actually fun. I think I’ll have to invest in a top hat a proper garb eventually. Once I have a house. And money. And I’m halfway in my grave, since that will be the only point I’ll have the spare money for that.

After I got home I didn’t do much else of note.