I’m so glad that this quarter is almost over. I’m ready for a break. That said, I’m not sure what I’m going to do without school. I like having something to do, even if I end up hating it, or I fail at it haha.

The highlight of my day (the good highlight anyway) was Sam biting the deliveryman this morning. I was leaving the house, and had JUST opened the front door, and the deliveryman was right there at the front step. I was freaked out, naturally, and I’m sure I looked scared out of my wits. We both started laughing, and I was like, Sorry, I wasn’t expecting you! Sam, sensing my distress, came charging out of the house and bit him on the arm :D. I felt bad for the guy, cause Sam is so big, but I was really proud of him for flying out and “defending” me like that. The guy was fine, Sam only nipped him, but it was still awesome! And it’s good the guy wasn’t injured at all, or that would’ve been really bad. So! I gave Sam a medal when I game home, lol. My friend from my POLS class randomly brought a medal she didn’t want anymore to class with her, and offered it up to our group. So I took it, cause it was perfect!

Here’s a picture of Sam with his medal!

The day went downhill from there. I’m pretty sure I did badly on my final for POLS, which we had today. I finished a little later than everyone else, but still before class was officially out, so I had a bunch of extra time to kill before my second class. I went to the cafeteria to wait for my class to start, and scanned through the textbook we had a test on in my next class. I then got to experience the joy of complete idiots at the table next to me, who were talking about the ‘bromance’ they had with their roommate. One of them then shouted “bitch you’re gay, come talk some gay shit with me” and when I gave no response since I was apparently involved in my book, he shouted “I need to talk some gay shit with a gay man”. I gave no response and they laughed and went outside. They were back within a few minutes so I left, cause I didn’t want to deal with them.

I managed to pass my econ quiz because the whole class managed to convince our teacher to make it a group quiz.

On the way home I almost ran over a cat.

I then had to go back out to meet with my idiot of a culminating project advisor, who didn’t have a clue about anything I asked him via email.

Aaaand on top of all of this I’ve felt horribly bloated and uncomfortable for the past few days, and for some reason my legs are both really sore like I’ve gone running. Which I definitely haven’t. I’m glad that the quarter is almost over; I need a break from life.

Oh! And I almost forgot! My mom wants to move because we can’t afford our house and all of its expenses. The furnace has broken, so we have to heat the house with the fireplace, which is twice as expensive. The water pipe to the house is so rusted we can’t repair the pipe to the sprinkler system, which is leaky. The front and back door need to be replaced, and there is little to no insulation in the house. We’re not even completely unpacked yet. I don’t want to move, but at the same time I’ll only be here a few more years, and this house has so many expenses. Oh! And there’s dry rot in my sisters bedroom wall. Like, the whole wall. I don’t know how we could get away with selling it, with all these expenses.

I just need to go to sleep. Hopefully I’ll feel better about my circumstances tomorrow.