So, my latest obsession is pocket watches. After several days of searching online, I believe I have found the best one.

The only thing that could make it better is if the numbers were proper numbers, it had a 6 instead of the brand name, and the hands were a brighter color, or had white stripes in their middles.

I know it’s expensive, but when you think about it not really. Watches cost this much anyway. I’m going to get it for myself for a graduation gift. I was stuck between getting a pocket watch and going to Cuba this summer. After spending hours looking at pocket watches, and all of five minutes talking about Cuba, I knew where my heart lay. So I’m going to be getting one! There was a solid sterling silver one I was debating getting, simply because it’s 99% silver. It’s also $999 so I’m not going to get it. Now would be the time to do it though! It’s a shame I don’t have $1000 bucks lying around I could just spend on a pocket watch. *sigh*

In other news, our furnace is broken. Again. First time it wouldn’t turn on. Now it won’t turn off. It ran for 9 hours straight today. Nothing we did turned it off, so finally we had to flick the switch at the breaker. However you spell that. The furnace guy will be coming over tomorrow to look it over hopefully. Until then we’re back to using the fire.

In other news. I’ve got a 4 page essay due tomorrow at midnight. I’m only have way done. And I’m out of ideas on how to continue. I’m supposed to use a bunch of terminology from class, but so far I’m not finding anything that relates to my topic. Boo for economics.

I’ve also got a map due on Monday. Haven’t a clue what it’s a map of. I’m supposed to read something and then make something up about something relating to it. Or something. I dunno lol. I’ve also got about 90 questions worth of extra credit due sometime next week, as well as a group presentation in two weeks. The presentation has to be about a couple chapters from a book we haven’t read yet. So I’m supposed to read the entire book in a week and then come up with a presentation for it. We’ll see how that works out lol.

Ok, well I just wanted to blog for a little bit. Especially about my future pocket watch. Which my mom isn’t letting me get until after next quarter because I haven’t officially graduated yet. I should’ve graduated this quarter, but because of that whole stupid PE thing freshman year, I’m like a quarter credit short. Since I’m going to buy the pocket watch myself I’m just going to bother my mom until she lets me have her credit card lol. I’ll be that annoying kid for a few days, I’m fine with that. I need her credit card cause I’m buying it online. But I’ll be paying for it. Anyway! I’m done now I think lol.