I’m so glad I didn’t miss 11:11 today! I missed the first one, but caught it the second time around. And I got 1:11 too!

I’ve had Uptown Girl by Billy Joel stuck in my head since I heard it on Glee tuesday. Here’s the link in case you’re not familiar with the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCuMWrfXG4E

I’m not sure why I enjoy the song so much, but I find it really romantic for some reason. Which is odd, because it’s not really romantic. It’s such a cute song though!

Today I cleaned the whole house in preparation of my sister’s birthday party thing. She came up here yesterday and today was her family party. The word count was just 111! wonderful. Watch me post this at 111 lol. It would be so perfect.

I’m tired. I should’ve been studying for my major exam on Monday. The first exam we had, the whole class bombed. So this time, in an effort to get test scores up, my teacher has given us the whole test before the exam. So all we have to do is memorize the five pages of answers and we’ll ace the test. Simple right? I don’t have the brain power for that. So today I took the five pages of answers I had, and condensed them down to a page and a have, with point 9 font. I stapled the pages together and am hoping I can get away with using them on the test on Monday. Normally I don’t condone cheating like this, but I’m not a political person at all, and the whole class is based on 3 tests and participation. We have no homework or projects or anything to redeem ourselves with. The tests are 50 questions long and are worth 25 points. If you miss 20 questions you fail. I don’t know how I’ll be passing this. He hasn’t been teaching us anything related to the test I feel like. And his version of going over things in class is letting us just ask him questions. Which he answers wrong! Someone asked him about the ONE thing I KNEW and he completely messed it up. It was the difference between slander and libel and he said that slander was spoken AND written damaging statements about a person, and that libel was only written. Which isn’t true! And when someone asked for clarification he just reworded what he’d already said. His class is extremely boring and a waste of time. There’s a girl in that class who is a SUPER political person and she says that about half the stuff he says is wrong. Most of it is just nonsense to me anyway, so I don’t listen.

We’re at 444 words now, with 444 being the 444th word.

buh, I am so tired. I have so much to do too. This is not fun! I hate homework. I still haven’t officially decided on classes for next quarter yet either. Not sure what I’m going to do about that. And all the graduation stuff I have to do. *sigh* high school is so annoying! I don’t see the point of a culminating project when I’m already out of high school and in college full time. There’s no point for me to go back to high school and say, this is what I’ve learned in high school and here’s my plan for after. As far as I’m concerned I’m already done with high school. Ugh. So annoying. And look! I’m finished at 1:11!! That’s crazy.

well, night everyone! we’ll see what tomorrow brings.