I feel like it’s been ages and ages since I was on here last. I also feel like one of the main reasons I’m compelled to sign on here is because of something my dogs have done. Or rather, something I feel as a result of my dogs. My aunt got a new puppy recently. I would imagine I feel much how other parents feel when they see other people with new babies. All the emotions caused by remembrance of the past. When was the last time I sat down and talked with my kids. In my case, when was the last time I just played with my dogs? For more than a few minutes. I’ve been so wrapped up in school recently. I feel I’ve sunk down into a rut again. I go to school, come home, and spend almost all my time on this silly laptop. I know, I know, ‘what are you doing complaining about all this on your laptop, instead of doing something about it now?’ I suppose that is a good question. I could hurry up and finish this essay that’s due Monday, make a hurried study guide for the test I’ve also got on Monday, and get outside to play with my dogs while I study. Perhaps I should. Maybe I’ll do that on Monday when I get home. Or tomorrow even.

Probably tomorrow, since I’ve got a Kathy Griffin performance to go to at 8 with my mom.

I went to homecoming this year. It was a couple weekends ago. I meant to post about it. I hate dances; they’re never any fun for me. Standing in a crowed room full of people I barely know, listening to bad music which is too loud, and watching people grind on each other isn’t much fun for me. Dances always make me think about what I want in life. Where should I be? How should I be acting? Should I have gone to this dance? Would it have been better for me to stay home with my dogs? I’m always reserved for like half an hour after events like these. Deep in thought about my life. I’m not sure what I want just yet. I feel like I knew a few years ago, and I suppose I’m still headed that direction now, but I’m not sure that I’m in love with what I’m doing at the moment.

School is educational, which I do enjoy. But, I dunno, it’s not that fantastic. I don’t wake up thinking, yeah! This is what I want out of life! I have nothing to complain about at all though. Or rather, nothing I SHOULD complain about. College is college. I’ve got plenty of food to eat, good friends, and three dogs for playing with. I don’t know that I’m happy though. Anyway, I’m tired of talking about this.

I went and saw Kathy Griffin in Seattle with my mom tonight. It was pretty fun. I got a few buttons and a key chain. I couldn’t tell you many jokes she said, but it was fun. My neighbor gave us the tickets several months back in thanks for getting him a job (I can’t remember if I mentioned this).

Anyway, I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed now.