God, it’s been ages since I signed on here. My brain is refusing to work properly at the moment, with a mid term worth 25% of my grade this Friday, and a map test to accompany it 2 hours later. I’ve also got a mid term on Monday, and an essay due Monday. I’ve technically finished the essay but it needs rewriting, because I’ve somehow managed to get 50/50 on the last two essays we’ve had, and now my teacher expects me to continue this streak. Oh! And I have homework due Friday I’ve yet to finish. My last mid term is on the 31st, so I’ve got a bit of time yet to study for that. These classes don’t have much in the way of workload; it’s just all the reading and such that needs keeping up with. For the midterm I have on Friday I’ve done 6 pages of notes each for chapters 1 and 2. I’ve yet to even read chapter 3. Yes, I have had since the beginning of the quarter to read this. What’s your point?

I’ve got a couple people I was friends with years and years ago in this class, and we’ve all reconnected. I don’t expect I’ll stay in touch with any of them after the class is over, but I enjoy having people to sit with in class and in between classes. I did make a new friend who’s ‘a less hot version of me’ though. I’m only quoting Mean Girls; don’t take me seriously. I think he’s pretty cute actually. And I find him more and more like me every time we talk. It’s kind of ridiculous. I doubt we’ll stay friends after this class either though. But then again, he did friend M on facebook because he saw me talking to her during class on my mac. Which would imply he wants to stay friends. Or he just found that weirdly angled picture of her attractive. It’s sadly more likely to be the later of the two of those. Which is a shame, because he can’t keep up with me most of the time we’re talking, and M is basically me with women genitalia. A little bossier actually. And she finds him slightly creepy… it’ll be an adventure!

In other news, my sister is driving me nuts. My dad is suing for custody of her and has been pushing the idea that my mom brainwashed her. He’s completely messing with her mind. She KNOWS better, because I read through the paperwork (and found out he took out a $255,000 loan for his girlfriend’s duplex) with her right next to me. He stated in the documents that if my sister stays with my mom her mental health would be affected. Like, really? You’re going to say that and then try to “brainwash” her into thinking that our mom has been brainwashing us? He drives me nuts. He is honestly my least favorite person in the world. I wouldn’t say I hate him (I don’t know that I hate anyone) but I can’t stand being around him for more than a few hours. And every time he talks he makes himself sound more stupid.

So, my sister is staying down there, but she doesn’t want him to have full custody of her. Which means it’s going to cost my mom a fortune in legal fees. I’m hoping that she does what she should’ve done for a while now and upped the child support and requests that he pay for all the orthodontics, doctors, insurance, and all the other bills he’s never paid for. I’m furious in regards to the fact that he took out this giant loan for his girl friend, but claims not to have enough money to send me to Europe for the summer. Really? You can’t spare $8,000 from the massive $255K loan (that’s larger than the loan my mom took out for our HOUSE) to send your own son on a life-enriching journey across Europe? That would’ve looked awesome on college applications. But no. He couldn’t afford that. And I know that makes me sound really spoiled, but he can easily afford it, and with what I’ve had to put up with from him, I think I deserve it. Oh, and he’s telling my sister that my mom made him buy that duplex for his girlfriend. MY MOM made him do it. And the courts are making him sue for my sister. Like, does he even think before he speaks, or does he just spew shit from his mouth completely unhindered? Actually, he does that when he thinks anyway, so that’s not saying much.

He’s just so irritating! And I’m sorry, but my sister is stupid for staying down there. I told her it was a bad idea to go, but I phrased how I said it so it didn’t sound so bad. I’ve stopped censoring. It’s completely stupid of her to continue to stay there. She’s got hives again. And she cries every time she calls my mom. What’s the point of staying down there? I don’t get it! He’s treating her poorly without even realizing it or caring (cause sometimes she’ll tell him he’s hurting her and he hasn’t stopped yet) but she continues to stay under the delusion that he’ll change. Ugggh.

Ok, I should probably go now. All that homework has yet to be finished! I really should print off the map and look at it. I’m reaaaaly hungry all of the sudden too. Ugh, my life is so difficult. Oh, did I mention I’ve been sick since last Friday? I started loosing my voice this morning, and it’s gotten to the point where the only way I can talk is by shouting in a relatively deep voice. It’s pretty annoying.

I feel like I haven’t had time to talk to anyone lately. I’ve been so busy all week with this stupid mid term. I haven’t even started studying for the mid term that’s on Monday. I should probably do that soon…

Anyway! I’m going to go eat something now… thanks for listening to my rant!