I didn’t want to say anything until it became completely official because my sister has said she wanted to move down to my dad’s before. But she really moved down there today. She packed up a good portion of her stuff and I drove her down to his house at noon. She and my mom met with her councilor on Friday and took her out of our high school. She’ll be enrolling in whatever high school she’s supposed to go to down at my dads tomorrow. She doesn’t want to start class until Tuesday though.

S was sad to see her go. She and my sister gave each other a hug, and S started crying which put my sister into tears. It was a dramatic farewell.

My friend H asked how I felt about her going and if I missed her, and it’s like, even though she’s been home more than she was last year, I didn’t spend every minute of my time with her. It’s not like there’s a big hole in my life, or that I’ll never see her again. She’s just moved down to my dad’s. I’ll see her often enough. And we never really talked anyway, so it’s not like I’m missing out on spending time with her anyway.

And everyone keeps asking what I think about her living with my dad. I’m not sure if people realize that she needs the drama he brings to her life. She can’t live without it. Every time she goes down she comes back and complains about every little thing he’s done that hurt her feelings or annoyed her. But she keeps going back, regardless of what he does. I find it stupid to be honest, but there it is. She’s been told countless times but a ton of people for years that moving down there wouldn’t be in her better interests, but she’s got to go down there and figure it out for herself.

So, that’s all I’ve got. My house now has one less person, and one less dog (she took Peluchi with her obviously). Its kinda nice only having three dogs again though. Even though Peluchi wasn’t that much to handle, four dogs is just too many.