Last night was a bit of an… I don’t know. It was certainly something I don’t do all the time. I’m not sure if I’ve updated you all or not, but Shari’s has become my somewhat new hang out spot. M and I go at least once a week for milkshakes. Last night she and I went again to here from L, the manager (who M and I are friends with), about what the pedophile guy said about me after I left. Apparently he was really mad at L for bringing me over to sit in front of him because I was so “hot”. I’m really trying not to take it as a compliment that someone finds me attractive. If only he wasn’t twice my age, large, loud, and completely repulsive. *sigh *

Anyway, he talked about me for a while after I’d left, and even continued talking about me to a waitress outside of Shari’s. He’s suuuuper weird and creepy.

After that M randomly asked about when L came out (he’s gay), so we listened to his whole story. And then once he was done L turned to me and said, ‘what about you’. So I told them. I think I shocked M a little bit, because I hadn’t been ‘out’ with her before that. I started by turning to look at her and asking “when did twilight come out”. It was so completely random they were both like, whaaa? Anyway, L and I had this big long conversation about our parents and how they reacted and bullies in high school and when we knew we were different and all that stuff. I just find it funny because he’s probably right around the same age as the creeper guy, and he sat with us for over an hour to have a heart to heart. Just so we’re clear, he’s deeeeffintatly not trying to pick me up. He was just having an in depth conversation is all.

After that I went home with M. And my house has been driving me nuts lately, so I spent the night there. Do you know how many years it’s been since I had a real sleep over? It’s got to be at least 4. It was… a sleep over I guess. We sat and watched the Friends marathon on nick at night. And then since we both woke up at 8:30 we watched a couple hours of Will and Grace. I loooove Will and Grace. ‘S my favorite.

Today was spent painting (we went with a grey purple) with my mom and aunts. We had pizza for dinner which I was responsible for getting. My memory is really starting to make me mad. I went to Papa John’s for pizzas, came home, found out two wasn’t enough, and head back. But knowing me, do you think I can remember how to get to a place I drive past all the time and have known about for years? No. It took me 15 minutes of driving around before I could remember where it was. I was SO frustrated. What’s worse is that I kept dropping and spilling things when I got home.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully I’ll be posting about honey soon! Until next time.