I just got home from my friend M’s house. She invited me over to make a blackberry pie with her randomly at 9 o’clock at night, and since summer is almost over, I figured I might as well. I drive over there, bringing my laptop with me to show it off, and once we get there she discovers she’s one cup short of blackberry preserves. So I drive us to safeway to get more, and being us we got sidetracked and ended up going to sharis for a milkshake. We’re friends with the manager there, so we usually just sit up front and talk to him. He was like here, come and sit over here so you guys can check out this person for me. We assumed we’d be walking by a table and sitting across from someone to stare at them while we had our milkshakes, so we could talk about him with the manager later. But no. He sat us down at the same table as this weird guy. We spent an hour and a half talking to him.

And he totally hit me the whole time! He was at least twice my age and completely repulsive. He asked my friend how old she was, didn’t let her answer, then asked me. And he was obviously disappointed to hear I was underaged. It was so awkward. He told me I was attractive, and then he started showing my friend and I the view from his apartment in some rich neighborhood. He even told us how much the rent was. It was just too weird. After half an hour I figured it would be ok to respectfully leave, but my friend didn’t not get any of the hints I was giving that I wanted to go lol. We had to sit through him looking through dirty pictures on his phone even. I was just like, really? This is what you’re going to do at a Shari’s at 11:30 at night, with minors? it confused me.

When we finally did leave (I had to say I was tired a couple of times and then say I really did need to get home because of how tired I was before my friend would let us go, because she “was fine to sit there all night”) my friend couldn’t stop laughing. She thought it was the funniest thing because usually it’s her whose getting creeped on. She was like, Now you know what it’s like! I was like, Have you ever had to sit across a booth from a horny man twice your age for an hour and a half while he hits on you and looks at dirty pictures on his phone?! No, she hadn’t. I think the more she thought about it, the more she realized just how creepy he was. She texted me when I got home at 1:30 to talk about how he’d told me flat out he thought I was cute. I was like, yeah, how did you not notice this already?!

We went back to her house from the Shari’s and then she made the filling for the blackberry pie, which was the whole reason I was hanging out with her to begin with. The worst part is that we told him Shari’s was our hangout spot, and he was waiting for the manager to get off work too, so we’ll probably see him again there. It’s going to be super awkward. My friend wants to sit with him again if he’s there lol. Did I mention this is the first time i’ve ever been hit on?

Oh and the other, MUCH less exciting thing that I did today was pressure wash the whole house. My mom will start painting when it’s sunny out.