I went down to my dads Friday night. I went and saw my grandparents that day, and then coincidentally we ended up “coincidentally” going to the same place or dinner, even though we told them where we were going. They claimed not to have heard either my dad or I, but it was alright because if we’d have invited them to dinner they would’ve said no. Because they’re weird like that. My dads girlfriend spent the entire time with us. My dad got me at 12 and then the day went from there.

He took me to the local nursery to check out plants and found a wisteria which had been trained to look like one of those trees from Africa. He bought it, of course. It was random but was really cool.

Then we went to Best Buy. He offered to get me a few gift cards for clothes, since he bought my sister a bunch of stuff for school. I figured since he was going to buy me stuff, I might as well go look at a mac laptop. I didn’t think he’d really buy me one, but I’m posting this from my new MacBook Pro. It’s got the newest operating system on it, Lion something or other. And he got me the Microsoft office for mac, so I don’t have to completely have to relearn how to use a computer. It’s actually not that bad. I love that I can just move my fingers and this computer does everything. And I’m tempted to just call it a computer because it’s hard drive is the same size (gigabit wise) as my actual computer. I’m kind of amazed.

So I’ve spent yesterday and today trying to learn how to use this.  It’s really fun!

I spent the better part of today making pickles and two kinds of jelly with my aunt. We made about 9 quarts of pickles (using an old family recipe of course) in around 2 hours, and then made about 16 quarts of two kinds of jelly.  8 quarts each. It was surprisingly easy.  And pretty fun. I haven’t done canning since I was like 4, so I was excited to do it again. I know I’m not the most exciting person to work with, and I don’t show enthusiasm well, but I did have fun today!

And now, my battery is going to die. And I can’t plug in my laptop because this old house only has two pronged outlets in it. We replaces the majority of tem with 3 pronged outlets, just not the living room yet lol. Ok, I’m going now!