I’ve never actually written a letter before. I’ve never had to. I’ve never sent out birthday cards or anything like that. The only stuff I’ve ever mailed out was the backpacks I ordered and sent back a while ago. And all I had to do for that was to print out a sheet of paper and attach it to the box. Having absolutely no clue how to send a letter, or how much stamps were or anything, I went to the post office today and bought the most basic set of stamps they had. $8.80 for a book (I think that’s what it was called) of stamps. It’s only 20 stamps. I was expecting a whole book of them or something. Stamps are crazy expensive. Anyway, I get home and have no clue how to begin. I literally had to google how to address a letter/ what goes on the envelope. I’ve never done it before. And despite having gotten a few of them before, I’ve never really paid attention to anything more than my name on the envelope when I got anything. It’s really pretty simple once you get the hang of it lol.

I’m not sure exactly why I felt the need to start sending letters to people, but I did. And it makes no sense because the people I’m writing letters to are people I text all day. But it’s still fun! I wish I had a family crest that I could make into a ring so I can seal my letters with bees wax like it SHOULD be done. On my last letter I just drew a circle and colored it in red with pen and wrote the caption ‘pretend this is wax’ next to it.

My first letter ever was written to Amber. It boggles my mind that one stamp will cover the expenses for a trip all the way from Washington, down to Arizona. It makes no sense. I felt like I should’ve used two stamps…

In other news, my swollen arm is no longer swollen. In fact, I feel like there’s less mass in it or whatever, cause my skin is looser. I’m hoping it’ll tighten back up soon, but for now I feel like I’ve got an old grandma arm. It still itches randomly a little bit, and it’s still warmer than it should be, but I’m wearing my watch again so it’s pretty much back to normal.

Also, I’m going to “senior sunrise” tomorrow (the senior class gets together and watches the sunrise from the tennis courts) so I have to be up at 5 am. I’m wayyy too tired for it to be 10:30. Anway, I’m going to bed now. Oh and tomorrow my dad is coming up to get me. He called me on Monday and asked if I wanted to come down to see him and my grandparents. And he said he’d take me to Old Navy to get some gift cards for school clothes. So I’ll be down there Friday and Saturday, then he’ll bring me home Saturday night. My sister is going to a car show with my mom or something like that I think.

And then Sunday my sister and I are going to my aunts to help her can stuff. I’m so excited! I haven’t done canning since I was probably 4. And at that age, how much do you really help or know what’s going on? I remember running around the back yard of my dads house and skinning peaches, and then looking at the peaches in the cans. All the cooking and the processes have been forgotten.

Ok, I’m really done now. Until next month (the way I’ve been blogging this summer.)