Well, I wanted to write a nice long post about how I went out clubbing with H and her friend A two night ago, but because of the rather nasty bee sting I got yesterday, typing is rather uncomfortable. I will post a picture of the swelling, earlier in the day when it was really noticeable. My wrist to my elbow is swollen now, so it wouldn’t be very obvious if I took a picture.


Here’s what the swelling looked like a few hours after I was stung. It wasn’t that noticeable on camera, but there was definitely swelling.

The bump at the end of my arm is my elbow obviously. The one in the middle is the swelling. It doesn’t look that extreme on camera, but my arm is definately a few sizes bigger than it should be. the weird part is that the swelling gets more extreme the farther it gets from the sting site. I was stung just below the wrist, and there’s barely any swelling there.

Anyway, that’s all I can do for now. My arm is starting to get really uncomfortable, and I should get some rest anyway. Until next time!