Wow, has it really been over 2 weeks since I last posted? It really doesn’t feel like that long at all! You guys haven’t missed anything too terribly exciting. I’ve been working verrrrry slowly on my novel. I’m on page 13. Yeah… Also, my cousin has started building a patio cover for us finally. He just put the support beams up today and will be back on Monday to put up the support beams. And most importantly three days ago my mom bought me an absolutely wonderful real leather authentic Fossil Messenger Bag, with matching wallet! Here’s a picture taken in the dark!


Isn’t it wonderful?! I can’t believe my mom bought it for me. It was so expensive. I would never spend that much on anything less that a laptop or a TV; but a bag? I couldn’t believe it. What’s funny is that I was really looking at a different bag. We stood there looking at it for almost an hour, then left to walk around and talk about it. We came back and I saw this one and said “that’s the one I want” instantly. It was love at second sight. Cause the first time I saw it I barely looked at it since it was a messenger bag and not a backpack like I’d thought I wanted. And now I’ve got to return my second backpack I ordered from Overstock because I don’t need a backpack and a messenger bag. I had to return the first backpack I got because the stitching on it was coming undone. Now I’ll have to send back a second one for the reason that I found something ten times better and over 4 times as expensive.

I think I’m starting to get into guys fashion a little bit more. Before I had trouble with it and loved girl fashion so much more (because honestly, who doesn’t want to run around in a lavish gown with matching shoes and handbag? And earrings to tie it all together. But now I’ve started looking I’ve realized I can still do a lot with guy stuff. I think I’ll spend the next year or so really pulling together a completely new wardrobe. Jeans are a must but I’ll definitely be incorporating more leather into my look. And what’s funny is that after we got my bag and matching wallet we went to a shoe store and found a pair of leather shoes that would’ve worked perfectly with the bag! It’s a shame I don’t actually have money. Cause oh how I’d spend it if I did. My hoarding would come into full effect lol. Enough clothes to fill a warehouse and land for miles.

Anyway. That’s the new beautiful thing in my life. My mom says she bought it as a ‘thank you’ for all the hard work I’ve been doing this summer. I’m more than happy to let this be my next Christmas and birthday present. The other new thing is the awesome new printer my mom bought for the house but which will be living in my room. It’s nothing too fancy, just a basic printer/ fax machine. Even though we’ll never use the fax part of it. It’s pretty though! Giant too. Takes up a ton of space and shakes my desk when it prints.

That’s all I’ve got for now I think. I’m super tired. Two days ago I went fishing with my neighbor F at 4 AM. We caught 4 fish and five crab. Two days later we still have crab and the majority of the fish is at his house to be smoked. We went through half of one last night for diner.

Ok, I’m done now! Night all!