Have you all been watching these riots in London? I swear. The second I get my AA I’m moving out to somewhere remote. Overpopulated areas are bad news. I just can’t even imagine what that would be like. I mean, you’re not safe anywhere in a situation like that. Have you seen the clip with the youth sitting on the ground with a backpack on, clutching his face because he’s bleeding? This group of passing guys stops to ‘help’ him, and take everything out of his backpack. I just don’t understand. How can people be like that? And that family business that sells furniture! It stood through both world wars and was turned to rubble because people knew it would burn quickly so lit it on fire just because. You’re not helping anything by robbing or burning down businesses. It just creates more debts and requires hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair all the damages. And all that money could have been spent elsewhere. Riots like these are stupid!

As soon as I can I’m moving out to the country. Yessir. I’m grabbing my dogs, my fancy new leather backpack (it should be coming next week!) filled with most of my clothes, a few plant books, a pocket knife or two, and maybe a hammer and moving out to the middle of nowhere. I want to miles away from the nearest town.

I know this is going to sound bad, but we really need a major plague or something. We are WAY overpopulated everywhere and this is the result. If you look at (almost) any species on the planet they will start killing each other off if they become overpopulated. And with modern technology and medical advances, people are living for longer, food is easier to come by, and there are no major illnesses that take out large portions of the population. We don’t have a rate of death equivalent to our rate of growth, so we are expanding with virtually nothing to slow it, like there would’ve been a hundred years ago. I think we really need to start a global law, like that of China’s, where couples are only allowed to have one child. I know that sounds bad, and I love big families just as much as anyone, but the global population NEEDS to be brought down.

Take a look at all of the major past civilizations. They all collapsed once the population became too large to handle.

And as for the global debt. Is there any country that’s not in debt at the moment? I guess maybe China. I haven’t heard anything about China for awhile. It’s all the Middle East and Europe. Speaking of the Middle East; why are we still at war with them?! Dear Jesus, what a giant waste of money that is. We did what we went in there to do, didn’t we? We got Osama (though I don’t think killing him was the best thing to do) so what else is there? Cause I’m pretty sure that the failing economy and thousands out of work are more important. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong. I’m sure control over the last few drops of oil is something America really needs to have. Cause it’s not like that will be running out within the next 50 years or anything. *sigh* Humanity is so stupid. I’m going to live out in the middle of nowhere! As self sufficient as possible if I can manage!



In other, verrrry unrelated news: My sister has finally announced she’s decided to move down to my dads. She won’t talk about it with me. Which I guess I’m ok with. It’s just annoying that she completely ignores me whenever I bring it up. She could at least have the decency to say she doesn’t know or she doesn’t want to talk about it or something! I suppose I’m ok with her going down there. It doesn’t really matter to me. If that’s what she thinks she wants then she needs to go and try it out. Not much else can be done really.

Anyway, I’ve finished for the evening I think. I just wanted to talk about the riots to somebody/ something, since none of my friends even know about them yet. Oh the life of a teen…