Ok, I’m going to kind of rant to you all now. Which I feel like I haven’t done in a while, so I feel I’m due.

Today I was sitting eating breakfast with my mom when who, of all people, should call but my dad? I picked up the phone and chatted for a bit and then he invited me down for the evening, offering to drive both to come get me and to take me home. WHICH HE’S NEVER DONE. My sister has been down there since Thursday though, so I just figured he was just inviting me over for a quick visit. Since I had nothing better to do (I was just going to drive around with my mom ordering things [screen doors, paving stones etc] for around the house) I said I’d come down. We actually had a somewhat real conversation on the way down and everything was fine. Then I asked what we were going to do for the day. His girlfriends mom was having a birthday today, so we were going to go to that.

Now, I was fine at first. He said it was going to be a quick thing, it was no big deal, I figured it was just some little thing. As the evening progressed I realized that was the whole reason I was down there. Which to be honest I find annoying. Actually, if we’re being honest, it pissed me off. The only reason I was down there was to meet his girlfriend’s family, and he didn’t even invite me. I wasn’t given the option to say sure I’d like to go. I was told that’s what I was going to do for the day, after I was already on my way to go do it. And I’m past the age of throwing fits so I wasn’t going to have a tantrum in the car or once we got home and it became apparent that’s the reason I was there. I find it really irritating.

I feel like I was tricked into going and even though everyone there was nice, I was still tricked into meeting them all. And I don’t know that I needed tricking. It would’ve been completely different had he specifically asked me to come down and see all of them. I’d (having been so shocked he’d called and asked if I wanted to come down) assumed he’d actually wanted to see me just to see me. Ha. I’m furious. I can’t believe he tricked me. I can’t believe I fell for such a thing! I am not some pawn piece to be shown around and made a fool of. I am not some thing to be brought to parties to make my idiot of a father look good.

I think that’s the last time I’ll be going down to see him for a looong while. I’m absolutely furious. I hadn’t been down to see him in over two months and he calls me up out of the blue only for the reason that he wants his girl friends family to meet me. Don’t you think it’d be a good idea to work on our personal family relationship before you start trying to build a relationship between me and people I will only be seeing if I come down to see you?

Have I mentioned I’m pissed? This is me calmer too. I was livid earlier. I wisely made my bed before turning on the computer, which takes another ten minutes to load after that. And internet’s another 4 or 5 after that.

Anyway. I think if my dad ever calls me out of the blue like that again, he’ll be told what I think about that. In a calm and nice way of course. Because I almost never raise my voice. Especially if I’m mad. I try to keep my voice as level and as calm as possible. Yelling never helps anything. My dad will be told what for and then our conversation will be done and that will be that. Some of his girlfriend’s family invited us to go camping out in easternWashington. Thanks, but no thanks. First of all, I haven’t gone camping in years because I’m too OCD to go. Secondly, I don’t like the person I’d be going with and would eventually ruin the fun for everyone. Which I would do anyway because I’m always the party pooper. Usually it’s not intentional, it’s just my personality type. And thirdly, easternWashingtonis wayyyy too hot. Oh and look, I’ll be busy with summer school at that time. I’ve just realized. Oh that’s too bad! What a shame; I was so looking forward to going to.

So, that’s what I did all day. I was a pawn. Used by someone I didn’t think had the brains to pull something like that off. I’m furious. If it happens again, you’ll hear about it. Literally. You won’t read about it on my blog, you’ll hear it I’ll be so mad. I haven’t been mad enough to shout in a long time, but if he tries to doop me a second time, I’ll be screaming.

Oh also. My sister is in the process of deciding whether she wants to live with him. Which is going to be a big mistake because she’s behind on credits in school and will have to start all over again (getting to know teachers and how things are done and stuff like that) if she moves down to live with him. She has to figure things out for herself though and she’s got the personality type to live with him so… We’ll see what happens.

Goodnight all!