I got my hair cut yesterday. I don’t think I mentioned that. My memory is going to hell. Or more accurately, has gone to hell and left me sitting here without a clue. I’m forgetting words left and right. My sentences fall apart while I’m saying them, and if I can make it through a whole one without stumbling over a word it’s a miracle. My mind feels like it’s slipping. I know I’ve described this to someone before but I can’t remember who so I’m going to do so again here. Imagine skating on ice. That smooth feeling you get when you’re gliding across the ice’s surface? That thin little layer of water that forms when you put your hand on ice and it makes the ice sooo much slicker? That’s what my brain feels like if I’ve forgotten something and I’m trying to remember. I’m struggling to get to the edge of the lake (i.e the right answer) but no matter how much I struggle I just keep slipping in the same place without moving anywhere. It’s maddening and actually really uncomfortable.

Can I just say I really like the song 15 minutes by The Yeah You’s? It started playing as I was finishing the last paragraph and the first 30 seconds or so fit perfectly.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be going fishing with F! I know, B the bee guy. F the fisherman. My life is a children’s novel. Speaking of novels! I’m on my 12th page of mine. Do I know what I’m doing with the rest of the story? Not really…

I’ve been sleeping horribly, thanks for asking. I don’t get tired until 1 AM and wake up at 8 or 9. And I toss and turn alllll night.

I think blogging is good for me. I haven’t done proper writing in a while. With my story I only write a paragraph or two at a time. And I find it to be kind of mindless. I just make it up as I go along. This is (only very slightly) more like essay writing. Taking English 201 next year is going to kill me.

I ordered all my books today! And an awesome leather backpack I could fit a whole person in practically. Here, have a look at this. http://www.overstock.com/Luggage-Bags/Amerileather-Jumbo-Leather-Backpack/2897685/product.html

Nice right? I wanted leather because (in theory) it should last longer. My mom has a 20 year old hiking backpack which she’s only had to do a few things to to keep it useable. Mind, she doesn’t use it everyday, but still. I’m hoping this leather bag will last more than two years like my polyester backpack I’ve had since the middle of sophomore year.

I’m going to bed to write now. I’m tired sitting up, but I’m sure if I lay down I’ll get a ton of energy and manage to get my characters to somewhere that actually does something. Night!