Can I just ask why there are suddenly these (seemingly) random attacks in countries that aren’t known for these types of things? First the Norwaytragedy and now this bomb threat almost straight out of the Saw movies. Have you read about it yet? Here’s a link to the article.

I find this to be absolutely ridiculous. It makes you wonder if anywhere is safe anymore. And now more than ever I want to move out to the country and live on a self-sustaining piece of land.

I don’t get it. What’s the purpose? Except to say that there are just too many people and, like with any species, when over crowding occurs there’s going to start to be those rogue few which (somewhat subconsciously) are trying to bring the population down again.

*sigh* As soon as I can I’m moving out of the city. Way out into the country where the nearest town is a mile away and that town has less than 300 people in it. Call me a hermit if you like. But you’ll be doing it from beyond the gave.