I really should’ve posted yesterday, but I was too tired. So, some new things in my life. I went and saw the last HP. It was ok. I didn’t like how they left out the house elves, or how the handled the snake, or the random flying around bit with Harry and Voldemort. Why is Voldemort not in Words dictionary? Anyway. I also have rats again. I came home two nights ago and found a rat eating the bird seed out of the feeders in the apple tree. As well as my apples!! I asked F if I could borrow some of his traps again as soon as I saw him and he let me have three of this newest ones. He said they could brake my finger I wasn’t careful. We put two in the apple tree and one under the place where they’re nesting, since I heard them squeaking a few days ago.

Last night M and I went out to Sharis to have milk shakes and when I came home there was a dead rat on the ground and the trap dangling from the tree. I don’t know how the rat was killed and managed to get out of the trap, but there was no blood or guts or anything. The dogs were very interested in it of course. I set the traps again tonight.

In other news, I’ve started ripping up the lawn behind the screen in front of the bathroom. I’ve filled 3 dumpsters full. And by full, I mean half full. I’m not shaking the dirt off the bottom of the sod clumps because it’s all just sand and I want the sand to go away. The dumpsters are all pretty close to their weight limits (it doesn’t help that it’s been raining for the last four days), but with the weather heating up again I’m hoping the bins will heat up the sod enough to lighten the load a bit. The good news is I’ve ripped up about half of what I need to.

Buttercup got a bath yesterday because she’d gotten so muddy from running around in the dirt trying to catch the ball. S and I were taking turns throwing for her and she got completely filthy. S actually started crying because she was laughing so hard at how dirty Buttercup was. I haven’t seen her so black for a while. I gave her a good wash and she was all nice and white for the rest of the evening. She got a little dirty today but not enough to worry about it.

Other than that I really haven’t done anything exciting. The stepping stones my sister and I made from the extra cement left over from the posts are drying a bit. Mine (with my hand print and Sam, Kira, and Buttercups paw prints on it) was completely dry today so I took it out of it’s little depression in the ground. I don’t know where I’ll put it yet but I do kind of like it. My mom’s stepping stone is still really wet. It’s going to take forever to dry. And it weighs 80lbs. Once we decide to put it somewhere that’s where it’s going to have to stay. I just hope it’s not somewhere up on the hill.

Ok, that’s really all I’ve got. Well, I do have a few pictures, but I’m too tired to sort through them and put them all up. And now that I think of it I think they’re all bee  pictures anyway. Night!