Yesterday my aunt came over at 10 to oversee the plumber. He said we didn’t need to fix the piping to the house and should just wait until there’s a leak. Two nights ago I crawled under the house to look for where the piping comes in, but couldn’t find it, and neither could the plumber when he looked yesterday. Even though he thinks we don’t need to replace the pipe he’s still going to give us an estimate, which is nice.
After he left my aunt took me to Lowes and we got two bags of concrete and a box of U nails (I think that’s what they’re called). She helped me set up the posts and to mix the concrete and all that stuff. Here’s what we got done.

Hopefully today I can hammer on the screen (though we have yet to buy it) and plant the honeysuckle. Which is blooming again. My aunt was only over for a couple hours, then she and my sister and my cousin spent the day looking for feathers in craft stores to put in their hair.

After my sister left I started pruning the rhodi’s out in front. Two days ago F and I started planning on making stepping stones for my mom for Christmas. Yesterday he called me over, since he’d just finished making the mould for it. He had some extra bags of concrete sitting around, so we used one of them to fill the mould. He had a few big rubber leaves to press into the cement, so we used one of those as decoration. F said it should only take 12 hours to dry, but since it rained last night the concretes still pretty wet. Once it’s dry I’ll take a picture.

I finished pruning the rhodi’s in front once the concrete was poured. I just pruned them up about a foot and a half so you can see under them from the street. S is worried that someone might decide to sleep under them, since there’s a bit of dry space right up next to the house. So I pruned them all up so you can see there now, which will also help the plumber when he comes back to look for the pipe/ to replace the pipe. And then I opened the bees and then my mom came home.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult for my mom and me to have a conversation together, but almost without fail every time we start to have one we get in a fight. We went to get teriyaki to get some for everyone and take it over to my aunts, and while we were waiting we were talking about what type of a pathway we wanted behind the screen in front of the bathroom. I was telling her about a mold I saw (which my aunt has) at Lowes, where you just pour a bag of concrete into it and it makes a bunch of rocks. I was talking excitedly about it, which for some reason freaked my mom out. She was just being weird. Ever time I get excited about something she gets mad and tries to cut me down. I talked over her a few times because I was excited about this new project, and that set her off. She was sure I was arguing with her and didn’t want to hear anything she had to say. And because I didn’t believe her when she said that the mold I saw at Lowes (which looks like it makes a bunch of smaller rocks) keeps all the rocks connected she got pissed.

It’s really annoying to talk to someone who puts you down every time you show genuine enthusiasm about something and try to be involved in a process involving them. So we spent the next hour not saying a word to each other, even when we went to my aunts to eat. Once we were done we came home and she went straight to her room and shut the door, which usually means she’s pretty depressed. And to be honest, I don’t feel responsible or at fault for that. I feel like she was being “shitty” with me, instead of the other way around (she said that to me while we were waiting for our food which ended our conversation). And this morning, I hadn’t been up for five minutes before she was being rude to me because I’d folded her laundry but I hadn’t put it away for her.

Last night my sister and I were talking and my sister commented on how my mom’s always “bitching” at me. No matter how much I do around the yard it’s never really enough. Sure, she’ll say thank you and smile at most of what I’ve done, but she’ll say how bad  different part of the yard looks right after. I’ve spent hours working in the yard this summer, and have filled dozens of yard waste bins collectively. It still doesn’t feel like it’s enough. So at this point I’m pretty much done with it all. I may have to go through my mom before I can do anything around here, but as long as it looks good to me then that’s all I’m going to care about. Because it’s never going to look good enough for her so I’m not going to bother to try. And it looks like I’m going to have to be very cold about it all because I wouldn’t want to upset her by looking like I care about anything. *sigh* I don’t understand her.

Oh and here’s a picture of a bird that flew into the house and somehow made it back to my mom’s room. My sister saw it and came running out of the house to tell me it was there.

My aunt was just about to leave when my sister saw it, so she and I went in to get it out. My aunt caught it and said it was still pretty young because it had some of its soft fluff feathers on it still. My mom said it was a sparrow. And yes, it is standing next to a Harry Potter lamp.