Haha, I love that when I post the stats seem to go down.

Today M and I hung out for several hours. We went grocery shopping and drove my sister around for a good chunk of the day, then we watched Mean Girls.

After that F came over and fixed the last bit of piping up at the top of the hill. We spent the next two hours testing all 7 of the different watering zones and adjusting the new sprinkler heads to cover the appropriate ranges. I managed to unscrew one of the sprinkler heads and get a giant geyser of water straight to the face, much to my neighbors delight (I’m sure it did look pretty funny).  I was sopping wet by the end of it all, but for some reason one of the zones wouldn’t turn off so we had to turn the water back off at the street. I was really starting to get excited because I thought it’d almost finished. One of the sprinkler heads at the top is gunked full of dirt, so once we figure out what’s wrong with the other zone, we can flush the water out of there.

I also picked all the peas today, filling one of our cloth grocery bags about ¾ of the way full. We’ve got about 10 pounds worth. I gave a couple handfuls to F and S. And since S loves peas off the vine so much, I’ll be planting some of the next crop along the fence so she can just pick them herself.

I suppose it’s a good thing we didn’t get the sprinklers fixed today though. It started dumping an hour or two after we gave up. Which I’m happy about because everything around here is really parched and the flowers needed the rain. Gotta have rain to make nectar for the bees to make honey!

Speaking of which, Kira got stung again today. I was up at the top of the hill and she was down in the grass somewhere. She yipped and came running up to me to get the bee out of her fur. She got stung, and managed to get the bee out without my help. I gave her one of her allergy pills immediately and she seemed a lot better. After a couple hours she wouldn’t put wait on it though. Her fur is long enough that the bees get stuck in it, but not thick enough to protect her from them stinging her. Which is why she’s always the one that gets stung. She always needs a bit of loving up after she’s stung too. She’ll come and find you and ask to sit on your lap. She doesn’t like being held though because it strains her legs.

Ok, I’m going to bed now. Just wanted to do a quick report since things actually happened today.