So, it’s been 6 days since I last posted. I do feel kind of sorry for that. I meant to post yesterday but once I was up in my room I became really tired and was done for the night. Here’s what you all have missed this week.

Monday… I hung out with… no one. I think I had plans on Monday but things ended up not working out. I spent Tuesday playing checkers, Guess Who, tick-tac-toe, and wii tennis with H. It was a lot of fun. I’m one of those weird people that still like playing checkers and chess and things like that. I was really hoping to play monopoly, but I couldn’t find it.

On Wednesday I hung out with M. We had plans to go to the zoo, but since the price is about half again as expensive now as it is in the winter, we figured we’d wait another couple months and go then. Instead of the zoo we drove around for a bit and then made chocolate ice cream at her house. And by ice cream, I mean frozen chocolate milk. We didn’t realize what we needed a bunch of cream in it too. Because why would you want cream in ice cream? It’s just not logical…

Thursday was spent with H again. My sister had friends spend the night so we had enough people to play monopoly. Which had somehow magic’d itself onto my kitchen table over night.

Yesterday I went out to the Sultan Shindig with my mom (since my sister left for my dads on Friday) which was fun. It was nice just walking around looking at everything, although it was really pretty small. I saw the same people pretty much the whole time.

Today my aunt and uncle were going to come over and help us replace our sprinkler heads, since 5 of them broke since last summer. My ever so helpful neighbor, F, came over to help me while I was digging up some of the sprinkler heads. We unearthed 3 of them, and from there went to look at the main waterline at the street. A few days ago I went to turn it on myself, since it’s easy enough I can do it myself, and the lever to turn it on broke right off. I wouldn’t even call it breaking since the whole thing was solid rust and it pulled apart about as smooth as a knife cuts through butter. F took a look at it and declared we had to widen the hole to get a proper look at everything (and to give us room to fit a wrench down to turn it on). We filled a wheelbarrow with all the dirt and dug about 2 feet down by a foot and a half across all the way around. We found out that the water for the sprinkler system is PVC piping, but the main water supply to the house is galvanized steel. Which has turned almost completely to rust and needs to be completely replaced. The good news? I got my wish. I get to rip up the lawn this summer. The bad news? It’s actually going to cost money now, whereas it wouldn’t’ve before.

One of the PVC pipes at the main control center thing for the sprinkler system broke though, so we had to turn the water back off at the street. There’s also a broken line up at the top. The one that was broken last year? I thought F hadn’t fixed it, so I dug it partly up and found that he had fixed it so I let it be, then we turned the water on and found that it had broken again. Yay…

My aunt eventually came over and helped us replace the sprinkler heads. My uncle apparently didn’t actually agree to come, lol. Unfortunately, until we get the piping fixed we can’t turn anything on. Oh, the reason for that is is because the main control center for the sprinkler system has a broken pipe also. Did I mention that? I’m too tired to go back and read through for it.

And clearly I’m done blogging now. Though I do miss it. It’s nice to get some… contact(?) from the world. I dunno.

Oh, and another thing! The new people that moved in behind us (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned them yet, but they moved in during the garage sale), they have a couple dogs. The humans names are C (wife) T (husband). The one dogs name that I know is Maisa. She’s a Doberman boxer mix who can jump fences without much effort at all. She hopped the fence two days ago because my dogs were acting all excited and stupid, and she wanted to play. She just came right over, ran around for a few laps, then ran full speed all the way up the steps, jumped up the last terrace and went up over the fence without even the slightest pause. She came over a second time a few minutes later to play again, but she didn’t stay long. My mom and I walked around the block to tell T (since he was out) that she’d come over (though C had warned us she would) and that if she could climb that fence then she could easily get out of our yard. We’ve got a lille two foot fence thing on the end of the house that’s just tall enough to keep everyone in. Sam could jump it if he wanted, but he’s not much of a jumper so I’m not worried. Anyway, they were glad we let them know, and we told them she was definitely welcome any time. The dogs all got along fine so that was good. Except Kira. Silly girl. She chasing after Maisa and jumping up to bite at her. It’s like, when you’re so small you have to JUMP just to bite at someone, you’re not that scary. Lol.

Ok, I really am going to bed now. Night!