Today was a bad juju day. I woke up early (not intentionally) and went out into the front to get to work before the heat and the bees. I pricked myself on a rose and now I’ve got a slightly bruised spot on my hand. Which I don’t understand too well bet somehow I do.

Much later in the day I went to the street and opened the cover to the water pipe for the sprinkler systems. The connector piece for the lever was completely turned to rust and I barely started to turn it when it came clean off. It was seriously less effort than cutting through butter.

I opened the beehive and once I was finished and had gone back inside and was all done and fine, a bee came over and followed me around. It kept pestering me to the point that I finally had to go inside. My mom was determined to eat outside still (she does irritate me sometimes I have to say) and the bee eventually got itself stuck in her hair. I was responsible for removing it and all I had handy was one of my bee gloves. She was of course mad at me for wiping the smell of the hive all through her hair but I did get the bee out. Still haven’t heard a thank you though.

The bee pestered us for the rest of the evening. I enjoyed dinner from the dinning room neighbor while my mom and S’s son S had dinner on the back patio. I wasn’t interested in dealing with the bee.

While my mom was making burgers the grill kind of caught fire. The main cooking part just kind of erupted into flames for no reason. My mom turned off the grill and I had to get my fire extinguisher it was that bad. I didn’t use the extinguisher, but it was still intense.

After S left I was telling my mom about how today was a bad juju day and she tripped over a dog in the middle of my list.
Once it started cooling off properly I went out to the front and watered things down for a while. All the soil in our yard is just dust because of the lack of moisture. While I was out there someone’s car stalled or something at a stop light just down the road. They revved it up pretty good then there was a loud bang and the car wouldn’t start. I dunno what that means.

There was something else I was going to mention but I’m too tired to remember it. Night!