Oh it’s been so long since I last posted! I’ve truly been missing this. My mind just can’t cope without the constant dumping of the days events. We had our neighborhood garage sale this weekend, which forced me to spend two full days sitting alongside my mother with no breaks more than an hour long. At the end of the second day, I kid you not, I was talking to my sister and she said something that was really not funny at all but I snapped and laughed until I cried. I’m going more and more insane by the minute I fear. And my poor sister just had to stand there while I had my little episode. She just sort of nervously laughed at me, not really sure what to do. I felt much better once I’d finished laughing though. I haven’t had a good laugh like that in ages. I realize it was probably all the stress of the past two days (on top of the stress of finals, though I didn’t really have any) built up and releasing its self then, but it was still a bit intense.

I’ve been busy since school got out though. And I’m really glad I passed all my classes! Two high B’s and a high C. Wonderful. Anyway. I did the garage sale, cleaned the whole house, and have done a bunch of weeding, though still not enough to keep up with the jungle that’s taking over my yard. Yesterday I spent about 4 hours pressure washing the back patio, the walkway to the back yard, and the driveway. F let me borrow his pressure washer, and helped me by doing the bits up close by the house. He was worried I was going to “blow out the windows”. He also did the walkway up to the front door, since I was ready to be done for the day and didn’t think it needed doing. I told him he really didn’t have to, but S said he likes doing it. My mom and sister were gone the whole day naturally, so F and S did me the extra big favor of getting me taco time for dinner. I ate out on their patio with them.

I’ve been getting up relatively early to get things done. I’m completely out of proper gardening space though. All the raised beds are full and there’s no where else that will fit proper food stuffs. I’m going to spend the next few weeks condensing all of the flowers and things together so that we can have more room. I would love to remove the lawn in the front to make room for corn and peas and beans. Once the strawberries are done blooming I’m going to pull them all up and put them in a couple tall/large PVC pipes filled with dirt. The berries will ripen faster and better, it’ll keep the slugs and snails away, the dogs won’t be able to poop on them, and the beds the strawberries are in now will get freed up for corn or peas. There’s a lot of room in this yard, it’s just been poorly laid out. And since I’m not allowed to cut into the lawn, I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got. Tomorrow I’ll be pulling up a couple of dead rhodi’s and pulling out a few roses that froze over the winter and have gone back to their “wild” roots. Then I’ll be moving some iris around to make some of the random chunks of open space we’ve got more open.

I’m so excited though! Some of the iris have gone to seed! We noticed a few new flower types and colors in the yard this year, including some oddly shaped light purple iris, as well as a pale yellow iris with a pale yellow center. I LOVE when things like this happen. And all thanks to the bees! Oh dear. Yesterday I was weeding near the hive, but I figured I was far enough a way that it wouldn’t be a problem. A bee buzzed me right by the ear which freaked me out. I tried to jump from a position on all fours into a full run, stumbled, fell and slid. Who should come outside at the exact moment as I was falling? S of course. I felt like such a complete fool. I still had to get up and hurriedly walk away from the hive because I didn’t want the bee around me. She didn’t laugh at me, even though I was laughing at me. I looked like a complete idiot I’m sure.

There’s not much else new around here. Oh! I planted some of the pumpkin seeds that I kept from last year and one of them popped up today! The squash/gourds I planted are also coming up. I’m so excited. I don’t know how to grow either of those things really, or if they’ll even make it to fruition, but I’m exited to see the seedlings. I never do well with seeds. But the ‘Velvet Queen’ sunflowers that we bought last year went to seed and one’s come back all on it’s own this year! I thought it was corn, since I planted the purple corn seeds around it, but now that it’ bigger (and the corns coming up properly) I realized what it was. I only managed to get one of the giant sunflowers to grow from seed. I’m not good with seeds!

Ok. I’m still tired from pressure washing. I’m going to bed now. I’ll try not to be gone for so long again!

Until next time. -Willow