You’re all aware I question my sanity daily right? I had a moment earlier today where I wanted nothing more than to sit outside. I felt really energized inside and wanted nothing more than to run through a field or something, and as soon as I went outside I felt ten times better and it felt like my mind opened up and all I could see was green. My yard is pretty green anyway, but it felt like eeeeeverything was some shade of green. And then I got on the whole concept of how objects aren’t really the color they appear to be, they’re every other color and the color we see is actually just being reflected back. But I feel like that can’t be true because if it was then things wouldn’t actually BE a color would they? And color in general is only a perception of light. The red I see is a different shade of red then what you see because of how our eyes are right? Which means that for something to be every other color but the one we see, the current bit of rules that define color on objects is not accurate at all.

Honeybees see in ultraviolet. The colors they see aren’t the same colors we see. But all that light is still there, and all those colors are still being reflected. So, this circular bit of thinking means that we’re taking in all the colors all the time, but we only have the capacity to view the ones our eyes have evolved into deeming most important. And yes, despite the fact that that last line still completely fits into the rule that objects are reflecting the only color they aren’t, I find my rule something that actually makes sense lol. And thus, I am insane.

Yesterday the chickadees fledged from their nest which was really awesome. I had just opened the blinds and two of them flew up to the feeder on my window! It was so exciting. Especially since I was literally three feet away and my dogs were barking because my mom had just gotten home. They were some brave chicks. And then today, some stupid house finch lands RIGHT in front of three of the dogs in a slightly cornered area for absolutely no reason. It was kind of like, hmm, which of that birdies friends dared it to do that?

Despite today being fathers day, I didn’t have time to go down and see my dad, or even call and say hello. Actually, that’s not true. I had plenty of time, I just didn’t really want to. I had people over for two hours to work on a project for math today and I really didn’t feel the need to call him.

Later this evening my cousin made crepes which were awesome. She fried up some bananas in a pan, and then cooked up the batter. Caramelized bananas, glued together with chocolate nutella, wrapped in a warm doughy goodness = heaven. Nom nom nom.

K I’m going to bed now. I’m tired. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow and Tuesday, but crappy for the rest of the week. Which is okay I  guess since the plants need watering and such before summer hits officially.

Also, I’d really not be opposed to spending a night out under the stars randomly sometime this summer.