Where does the time go? I don’t understand how it’s suddenly Wednesday. On the last full week of school. And it’s somehow 10:30 at night. What have I done today? This week? This month? This year even? I was researching road trip ideas online for my history project and I started looking around some of Washington’s “official” forestry sites. I think forestry is what I want to do. Maybe ecology. I’m not really sure. To be honest I’d be happiest if I got to wear a green tunic with tights and moccasins and got to walk through the forest all day throwing seeds about willy-nilly and communing with the woodland creatures. Haha, yep, that’s me!

All of the jobs I looked at were… well, rather intensive and required a lot of experience as well as schooling. I really would be fine with just a little internship somewhere this summer. The trouble is, I haven’t the faintest idea as to where to look. It’s all “spacey-wacey, timey-wimy” stuff. Tee hee. Doctor Who is not good. Unlike bananas however. “Bananas are good”. See! It’s gotten me off on a tangent about bananas (which rather annoy me with their lack of seeds, by the way) all because it’s a show that’s complete nonsense that requires you to think.

Something rather random happened today. I got an email from my councilor. But from her personal email. She invited me and my family to go to her great aunt and uncles farm later this summer when they start harvesting the honey from their hives. And she also sent me a link to a five hour beekeeping ‘class’ type thing happening on Saturday. I’m not sure if she’s going to that but I’m kind of surprised she’s emailing me. From her personal email even. It’s always so surprising to me when people do things like inviting me out to their great aunt and uncle’s farm. I didn’t realize she liked me that much that she’d make a whole event out of honey collecting just for me. I mean it’s not like I’m especially friendly to her or anything. Why would she go through the trouble of it all? Is she pitying me somehow? The motives behind people’s actions are something of great concern for me at times. Other times, you could be trying to kill me and I’d only be slightly interested because it would be such an odd thing and an interesting story line.

I don’t really know why I’m so suspicious of people either. I can’t think of anything in my childhood that would’ve led to this type of behavior. I’ve been thinking about my childhood a lot again. It just kind of randomly coming up in my daily thoughts. I’ve managed to forget most of it somehow. Or at the very least suppress it. But not all of my childhood was bad. I still had those Sunday morning’s where my mom would make my sister and I bacon and waffles for breakfast. And those not so rare occasions when my aunt would go to the fridge distributer and gather up a bunch of big cardboard boxes for us kids to make castles out of. I feel like I’m forgetting more and more of my life though. Just a few days ago I realized that I’d forgotten I ever took the buss to school during high school. And those people I made friends with on the buss. I couldn’t tell you who I was friends with last year. This year I’ve only got 6 people I talk to.

So. Having talked and talked and talked about this same issue over again- well but I have slightly changed the premise of this though. This is more focused on my childhood than my lack of friends, as well as the random people who show me more kindness than I know what to do with.  *sogh* the world is more confusing than I know what to do with. Give me my tunic and tights and I’d be fine as a fiddle! Oh I wrote another poem!

Here, one second.

Words on paper are much lighter,

With the sun they are much brighter,

Through it all they do last,

Across a space so very vast.


They wiggle and worm,

Outlasting time,

In the end their meaning holds firm,

And it’s best when they rhyme.


I know, I really should stop with the poetry. I’m not a poet. I know it. But rhyming is fun. And there’s no harm done! Tee hee.

‘Night all!