So. I’ve been away a lot longer than I should’ve been again. Sorry. Thursday I had 6 significant assignments due, including a 90 point project. Which I didn’t get to present until Friday because my teachers computer wouldn’t recognize my W drive. And then I somehow managed to loose my W drive over night (I was rather pissed about that) so I had to email my teacher an older version of my project, which was less colorful and slightly unfinished. I doubt I’ll get better than a C on that to be honest. Friday I also had two tests. And on top of that I was exhausted all week. I feel like I only kind of managed to catch up on my sleep over the weekend. However, my two younger cousins are staying the night with us tomorrow so I don’t know how much sleep I’ll be getting then. And my cousin’s graduation is on Tuesday, so no napping for me then. I could manage a nap on Wednesday though. I don’t have class Thursday because my high school is having finals for periods 5 and 6 that day, and my final for my chem. class is on Friday. No wait… I might have high school on Thursday. My math final is on Tuesday, so I’m not sure what the testing schedule is exactly. It’s so confusing, and I feel like no one actually knows at all.

Some of my family from Oregon came up this weekend for my cousin’s graduation party. They’ll be up again on Tuesday for the actual graduation. It was nice to see everyone again though. I feel like we really don’t see them enough. I didn’t talk to anyone besides my cousin who’s back from college for the summer really though. She’s my favorite cousin and really the only one I ever have proper conversations with. She came over today and just played video games with me for hours haha. I played Zeus while she played Fable on x-box. We played for about 5 hours I’d say. It was fun, and a good excuse for playing video games all day.

I’ve been meaning to take pictures of the few new iris that have opened up since I last posted. We’ve got a few white ones that didn’t open up last year, and some pink ones. And a yellow one that’s going to open up any day. I haven’t been outside in what feel like ages. I really need to get out there and do some proper gardening. I need more space though! All of the beds have things in them. We’ve got carrots, beans, and peas. As well as the stuff that’s always in the ground, i.e. the raspberries, potatoes, and strawberries. I really want to get some more room to grow. Tee hee. Word play is fun.

Right then. Well, I opened up the bees on Friday so I’ve got to go and post about that. See you again, some time…