I’m in a funk again I think. Not that I ever got out of the last one really. I have no motivation for anything. I’ve spent the last few days sitting around doing NOTHING. I’m down to my LAST clean shirt. I’ve never not done laundry for this long. I meant to do it today but got home and forgot.

I’m exhausted. It’s only Tuesday. Bleh. I have a chem. project due Thursday which I haven’t started yet. A 7 page reading assignment for chem. due Thursday which I’ve only finished half of. A chem. test tomorrow (which is thankfully open note). I have a 10 page packet for History due Thursday as well. I’ve only got about 4 pages done. There’s a history test on Friday, as well as a math test. I’m failing math. The last time he updated the grades was halfway through May, but I had a 66.4 then. I’ve missed two tests and not done a weeks worth of homework since then. The homework is actually what’s killing me. The tests are curved enough that all I have to do is literally sign my name and I get a 70. But the homeworks confuse me to no end and are graded without a curve. If I actually tried I probably could’ve done more than the 3 problems I do every week, but since that’s all that’s required to get the curve for the test, I don’t feel the need to do anymore. Especially since I get headaches from math. I will literally get a migraine in class sometimes.

The weather here has been wonderful, which I think is part of my problem. When it’s sunny out I want to do nothing more than sit around. I think it should be 60 all year round. I’m actually considering moving to Canada. They don’t go to war, so I’ll avoid a draft notice; they’re further north, so they get more snow, but the climate it pretty much the same for the most part.

Amber and I have been talking about moving in together, but I don’t think I could move out of Washington. I know the weather here, and the birds and the bees and the flowers, and a very few number of trees. The Northwest is where I belong. If I belong anywhere.

Ok, I’m off to bed now. I wanted to post since it’s been so long, but I didn’t have much to say. Night!