I see Pirates of the Caribbean with R. It’s really good.



I have a killer Mid term in chem. that drives me nuts.

I’m attacked by a bee.



My sister gets a dog.

Yep. A dog.

I’m serious. We now have FOUR dogs.

I didn’t want it and was COMPLETELY opposed to getting him.

He’s a white bichon terrier mix. He’s slightly smaller than Buttercup but still bigger than Kira.

His name is Peluchi. It’s Italian for ‘cuddly’.  He’s 3 years old.

He’s pink and has a skin condition much like Sam’s when we first got him.

He’s like Kira in that he loves to fetch, but he’s not quite as energetic as her. He prefers snuggling to barking at you until you throw the toy for him. He also doesn’t really bark that much.

Ugh. 4 dogs. It’s completely ridiculous. He was a “Death Row Doggie” rescue, brought up from California just a couple days ago. He used to be in a puppy mill.



My sister let her new dog sleep on her bed with her last night.

She also gave him a bath in the morning. Two things she’s never done for the other dogs.
He follows her around like a love-struck puppy and doesn’t pay much attention to the other creatures in the house, though he will play with you if you want him to.

I’m rather indifferent to him now. I find it weird that I have a pet in my house that I have no attachment to and who has no attachment to me. I don’t like it. Every pet I’ve ever gotten has had a connection with me. Then again, this isn’t my pet and it has a connection with someone else. Which is one of the reasons my mom got him. My sister has, apparently, never attached herself to a pet like this before.

Today was mostly doing nothing. We watched Kick-Ass today which was good. We went out and saw Bridesmaids (right before my sister found the dog at Petsmart) on Saturday. It was actually really funny. One of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. And I love the main actress in it. She’s hilarious.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got so far.