Today I was a bit more spacey than usual. Here’s a couple poems I wrote as chem. was starting.

Across the burning plane,

And the valleys long,

Lies the mountains main,

Filled with many a song.

The second one is as follows.

Little white butterfly,

Flitting to and fro,

Where have you gone, Butterfly?

Perhaps you’ve gone to grow.

I do like poetry. I’m just not very poetic. And I don’t like poems unless they rhyme. Iambic pentameter is best, but those are more difficult and I didn’t have the time for it.

My bread turned out MUCH better than I expected. The best loaf I’ve made to date! It had proper air pockets in the middle! Let’s see if I can find a picture here…

Look! Look at the little pockets!

I gave the second loaf to S, since I’ve been meaning to make her some cookies but don’t have the ingredients for it.

The season finale of Glee tonight was a bit lack if you ask me. The songs were only ok. The messages the show presented were still awsome but the music was only so so. I only knew two songs, and one of them was like, really, they’re singing this?! Not good. And what’s his name toootally has a crush on mr shue.