My sister and I drove down to my dads and got there around 12:30 ish. Of course the issue of when to arrive at the party at 1 was a big deal. I really didn’t understand why my sister, my dad, and J (his girlfriend who was allowed to come) were so concerned about when they should arrive. I was just like, let’s go now. We were all ready and could’ve easily been there exactly at 1. Instead my dad decided to drive around a bit so we got there at 1:05 so we weren’t on time. It made no sense to me. It’s not like my aunt was going to care, and my cousin certainly wasn’t going to. And we weren’t the first ones there (which was also part of the reason we had to not be there exactly at 1) so there was no reason for the pointless squabbling that occurred. Whatever. This is my life. I don’t understand it.
We stayed for the whole 3 hours of the party. My aunt had it catered and ordered twice as much of everything as was needed, so food was being forced on us. Which I really don’t have a problem with lol. My grandma arrived and took two steps through the gate, sat at the first table she came to, and never moved. My grandpa walked around all over the place, but he’s almost completely deaf in both ears (he gets his hearing aids next week) so he was trying to stay out of the way and appear as though he was always in a conversation with one of the closer relatives so he didn’t have to try and understand anyone.

It was nice getting to see everyone. I couldn’t tell you who was there though. I knew who I was related to, but not how I was related to them, or what their names were. My grandma’s sisters were there and quizzed my sister and me on who they were. Thankfully my sister knew both of their names and ages which kept us out of trouble lol. It was clear who we’re related to though. We all look kind of related. At least in my eyes.

My youngest aunt brought over her fiancé, so we got to meet him. He’s British so it was kind of fun getting to talk to him. The British dialect, not just the accent, is something I quite enjoy. He kind of made fun of how countryish my dad’s family’s city is. He used to live up north by us (my sister and I) and then he moved down with my aunt and he said he was acutally afraid going down there lol. He swears he heard a banjo playing somewhere.  It was kind of a secret who he was though. My grandparents are the only people who don’t know my aunts getting married, so my aunt and her fiancé had to kind of be careful what they were saying. Naturally her fiancé was talking all about the wedding and where it was going to be and who was invited and all that stuff.

Anyway, I’ve got homework due tomorrow that I’ve only barely started. Night!

Oh and SOB.

Oh and my aunts license plate had 888 in it, and my grandparents had 999 in theirs. I also saw 777 on the way home. Which made me laugh. I wonder why it is that I saw all three of the rarest of the Repeats, today. Hmm?