My aunt bought a motor home today. It’s really nice. She drove it over to show it off. It’s a proper one, with windows up on the bunk above the seats. I quite like it.

That was the high light of the day.

My mom and I did get into a bit of an argument though. I wanted to DO something in the yard, because it wasn’t completely crumby out and I wanted to be productive with my day. Naturally every single thing I want to do is a bad idea that requires billions of dollars and shouldn’t even be discussed, and trying to include my mother in a decision making process is something that is punishable by death. And when I said that all I wanted was to spend time with her and have a family type activity while we were having our heated discussion she said “nice try” as if I’d only said it to somehow gain favor with her or something. Lesson learned today? Don’t bother asking my mom for anything as simple as an opinion any more because clearly that’s something only people who are trying to seem nicer than they are want to hear. This is the first time in a looong while I’ve actually been mad at her. I don’t get mad very easily, but I find the fact that my being honest was quite literally laughed at by my own mother. So, I’m done. I simply won’t have it. My sister continues to go back to my dad time and again but continues to get hurt, but I refuse to allow that to happen to me. Situations similar to today’s have happened often enough before, but I seem to think they won’t happen again. I refuse to let this type of thing happen any more.

From now on, I’ll be getting in trouble for being productive in the yard. Feel free to send me “worst child ever awards” via email.

My sister and I talked for quite a bit again today. I told her she really needed to work on figuring out who she was before she did much else in life. And listed a couple lessons she should learn that will help her later in life. But then, who am I to be giving advice really? Eh. Oh well.

The apple tree has two clumps of blossoms on it! The bees were out all day which was nice. The beans all sprouted up over night because of the ridiculously light sprinkling of water that’s been occurring since late last night. It’s slightly annoying but gave the first centimeter of dirt a needed bit of moisture.

Anyway. Tomorrow is my cousins graduation party so my sister and I have to drive down to my dads to go see him. We’ll only be there for a few hours but I have a feeling it will be too much.