It got up into the 80’s (according to my mom’s car) today which was so wonderful. Everything was a buz with life. The two white butterflies we seem to always have in the yard were doing their spiral courtship dance which was really pretty. I pointed it out to my sister who said “bitch, that’s only cute in movies”. My sister’s a really deep person. We did a bit of talking today though. She had no plans and it was too nice for her to stay locked up in the house so she came out and talked with S and me for a bit. I skipped high school again today because I had no clue how to do any of the homework for the quiz we were going to have today, and since I only went to class twice this week, and I was going to only have one class at the high school anyway, AND because I was coughing and sneezing like crazy right before I left, I figured going would be pointless.

I planted the burning bush today, which took a bit more effort than I expected. I was coughing a bunch but oh well. I feel like a little bit of activity once you’re almost completely recovered helps to get you back into the swing of regular life. I also tried my best to get the last of the bulbs into the ground. I think I’ve still got a couple dozen more to go, but I’ve finally gotten down to an easy number. I’ve still got a bunch of lilies to plant though.

There was a new butterfly in the yard today. It was like a monarch, but its wings were browner and it was a lot smaller. I want to make the yard as butterfly friendly as it is bee friendly. Honeybees are wonderful, but they just aren’t as vibrantly pretty as a butterfly. I wish I knew more about butterflies. I know their basic life cycle, but their migration patterns and all the host plants that different species of butterfly rely on individually. I know the monarchs is the milkweed plant, but the other butterflies, which are slightly more native to Washington, are very unknown to me. To be honest I don’t even know if Washington has any native butterfly…

F and S took us out to dinner, after F gave me a bike he bought but never rode. My sister and I did a few laps around the parking lot and then we went out to Herphys. My mom stayed home and tried to sleep since she’s just getting into the swing of her cold. It was fun. F and S are kind of the grandparents we have but never really got to know or hang out with. They’re always doing nice things for us, which I truly appreciate. I just feel like we aren’t nice enough in return. They’re both so capable of doing everything themselves though, I don’t know what they’d need help with. I go over and help whenever I’m asked though. I enjoy helping them. My sister even offered to help S with some of her yard work today. That’s how you KNOW we like them lol.

Anyway, I’m tired and ready for bed. First I need some water though. Night!