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I took these all yesterday, despite being too sick to go to school (I stayed home today too), and there were so many I had to put it into a gallery show. This is probably the most I’ve ever uploaded at once (there’s 23 here).

The bees have been out in force these past few days, which is awesome. It’s been sunny and in the 60s which is really nice. How’s a person supposed to be sick when it’s that nice out?

There are a few pictures in here I like a lot. Namely, the bee on the bluebells, the ant carrying the bee head, the lamb’s ear, the giant patch of wild geraniums that have taken over that corner of the yard, the forget-me-nots with the black backdrop, the bird feeder with blue sky backdrop (because there’s never that much blue sky here!), and the crow with the lilacs in the backdrop.

I’m mad I’ve been too sick to do anything. It’s been so wonderful out but all I’m able to do is go sit on the back patio chair and watch the yard. I’ve got a tan line- excuse me, a tan ring- on my pointer finger where I wear my ring. I’ve some how managed to get a slight tan in the past few days. Yay sunshine.

Today I had to take the bus again, which was not something I wanted to do. I had a test today though so I couldn’t afford not to go to chem. Just as I went outside to call the dogs in, S came out and, after we started talking, offered me a ride. I accepted because I was in no condition for the bus. She took me to class and then came and picked me up afterword which was just as appreciated as her taking me there. Honestly, F and S are the best neighbors in the world. She dropped me off at my front door, instead of just pulling forward the 20 something feet and parking in her drive way. Silly lady. Then when she saw me in the back yard she yelled at me for not being in the house napping and drinking lots of fluids. Which I still find immensely funny since I’m usually getting in trouble for napping all the time.

I spent most of the rest of the day sitting in the patio chair and lying in the grass about 10 feet away from the hive, well away from the flight paths of the bees, but close enough to still see them clearly. It was too nice to be indoors, and the grass was comfortable and the bees are fascinating. My mom came home around 6 but wasn’t home for more than a few minutes before she and my sister rushed off to a counseling appointment. It started getting cold after that so I went inside to read. I got bored/an urge to go outside again, so I put my book down, and as soon as I stepped onto the patio I though about how F and S must think I’m always outside and I had a feeling S would be poking her head out of her screen door any second. By the time I made it halfway to the hive S poked her head out to recycle something. I couldn’t help but laugh. We talked for a bit and explained that we were going to have dinner with the rest of my family (my grandpa is in town and we were all going to get together but plans changed) when she asked while I was still home. I told her that I might be able to talk my family into getting thai for dinner and she promptly ran inside and grabbed the heal of a loaf of garlic bread she’d made for dinner. I couldn’t help but thinking how much alike Sam and I are in that she both feeds us scraps over the fence. No sooner had I finished the thought then did she ask if I wanted a banana (she gives Sam part of her banana EVERY time she eats one). Lol.

Now it’s time for bed. I’m still coughing, my nose is runny and raw from blowing it so much. My head hurts and I’ sore everywhere. And I’m annoyingly thirsty all of the sudden. My ears are plugged though so every time I swallow it sounds weird. Night!