The guy I’ve been emailing (J’s ex roommate D’s friend C) managed to find me a package of bees! I get to pick them up tomorrow. I’m SO happy. Of course, they’re going to cost more than a nuc would, which is unfortunate, but that’s the way things go.

I’m really hoping B will have some bees to spare at the end of the month so I can up the hive count in my yard. It’s really just safer that way.

I wanted to have multiple hives originally but was convinced that trying out one hive first would be better. And time and time again I’ve found that going with my instincts is usually the safer of the options. Despite that I ignored my initial thoughts about getting bees and only got one hive. That said, I lost (/may or may not have killed) it. So. If I can manage to pull two hives out of thin air this year I will be really happy.

Oh! And I almost forgot. There was a black bear in a tree in the Church’s lot across the street from us. It was pretty exiting. It ran around for almost 5 hours before “officials” were able to capture it. They chased it up a tree and then had to shoot 5 or 6 tranq darts into it before it finally fell asleep and fell into the canvas waiting below. They let everyone crowd around it and take pictures (I’ll post them tomorrow if I’ve got time) and yeah.

I saw 111, 333, 888, and 999 today. What can I say?! They’re everywhere. And good or bad I know not. They just show up randomly, but more often it’s when something important is going to happen or has happened. And I hardly ever see anything above 555 because the higher numbers occur so rarely.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for the day. I’ll be posting pictures of the bees tomorrow for sure. If not I’ll have them up by Wednesday. They’re carniolans too, which is what I was searching for originally.