So… after I caught the dogs and bathed them and all that (see post below) I got bored. And I’ve wanted to do some baking for a while now. So that’s what I did. I grabbed the yeast packets my mom got for me a while ago, as well as the honey cook book we have. Yes, this really is what little 17 year old me does on a Wednesday afternoon.

Now, let me just clarify. I have NO idea what to do when it comes to the kitchen. I can’t cook, and cleaning is a bit of a stretch. And when I try to cook (even making a sandwich) I get EXTREMELY messy. I don’t know how I manage to do it, but almost every square inch of the counter top gets covered in whatever I’m making.

I tried following the recipe as closely as I could. Except that I didn’t know what it meant to ‘scald’ the milk and had to ask a friend what to do. I managed to boil the milk over and get it all over the side of the pot I was using, as well as into the dish thing under the heating element on the stove. I mentioned I’m a messy cooker right? With no idea what I was (and still am) doing. I threw out the boiled milk and began again, this time cooking the milk slower (my prefered method of cooking anything is putting the burner on high while things fizzle and crackle in a bad way) and was met with success. 

It wasn’t until I was halfway through making the dough and I ran out of flour. Can you imagine? And of course, I have no car, and it’s raining so walking to the store isn’t really an option. I texted J and asked if she had anything. She only had whole wheat, so I called my mom (who was in a meeting and very unhappy that I called) to ask when we could go get some flour. A couple hours later my mother, along with a few other groceries including a nice bag of flour, is home. I added the flour I needed to the dough, then read the instructions to see what I needed to do next. It said I was supposed to let it sit until it had doubled in size. Except I’d just left it sitting for hours. In this.

A container so small I’m amazed the dough fit in it as long as it did. It wasn’t until my mom told me I needed a larger bowl that I realized that there wasn’t any room for the dough to double it’s size into. Whoops…

Thus the dough was moved into something more appropriate.

I then had to wait another half an hour for the dough to “double in size” which it never did. I was then supposed to divide the loaf into two parts, one for each bread pan, and then wait for those pieces to double in size as well. Which they didn’t. So both loaves are now in the oven. I’ll be amazed if they turn out the way I hoped.

The thing I don’t like about baking by myself is that I have no clue how to do anything. I’ve been saying for weeks how much I want to make something (yogurt will be next on my to-do) but no one has been interested in helping me. My mom just gets irritated because I keep saying how much I want to do something but don’t do it, and my sister isn’t home to care. Word to the wise: if your kids keep saying they want to do something they don’t know how to do, for weeks on end, chances are they want you to get involved and help them learn it!

I’ll post pictures of whatever comes out of the oven tomorrow. I’m hopping it’ll be bread I’m posting, but we’ll see!