School was boring. I practiced improving my cursive the whole time.

When I finally made it home (bad timing meant I spent half an hour longer waiting for the bus home than was necessary) I pulled up the garbage bins and then let the dogs outside while I read since it was raining. I had an odd feeling that the gate was open, but ignored it because it was so random. Minutes later S comes knocking at the back door, without even having put shoes on, and asked if the dogs were out. I said that they had been outside and she then told me that she’d seen Buttercup and Kira in the front yard, and the back gate was wide open. I hurriedly put my shoes on and rushed outside to find the gate had been knocked off it’s lower hinges and hung wide open to the world. S said she was going to get some shoes on while I rushed out to the front in search of the dogs. I know J was home and called her to help join the search. We walked up and down the street, calling out the dogs names and whistling. J found Buttercup in the driveway of the neighbors on the other side of her. She picked her up which made Buttercup ridiculously exited resulting in a large scratch down J’s back. I threw Buttercup in the house, not trusting her to be outside while we searched for the other two dogs.

J didn’t have her car because it was in the shop, but S had hers so she started driving around the neighborhood to look for them. J went through the church parking lot towards Safeway while I walked down to the end of our street. I knew they weren’t down there and went back up to the four way stop past my house. The street behind us seemed like a good place to look and towards the other end of it I saw Sam sniffing around with Kira in someone’s lawn. I ran to them (yes, me running, it’s something I don’t do often) and called them at the same time. Sam came over and then tried to walk away like he was just coming to check in but had more important things to do. I grabbed him by the collar and Kira came over at a walking pace. She appeared to be as at easy as Sam was, and when I picked her up held her head up high and wagged her tail like she was the new queen of the neighborhood. I managed to call J and let her know where I was.
S and J came over and picked up Kira, leaving me to walk Sam home myself. Did I mention it was raining also?

Everyone made it back home safe and sound, and even though they were only gone probably 15 minutes it felt like forever. We never would’ve gotten Kira or Buttercup back if they were gone for a few hours. Sam’s big enough that he’s not much of a concern, but the little two could easily be run over or eaten by something or snatched up by someone and taken home. I’m glad I got them. Their reward for running away? A bath. They were all wet and doggy so I shoved all three of them in the bathroom and gave them baths. They didn’t seem to mind, though Sam seemed to hate it more than usual.

*sigh* this was my day. Stupid dogs! Uggghh.