Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I wanted to sign on but a certain little black dog knocked one of the cables connected to my computer loose and it was too late for me to care enough to fix it.

Yesterday was spent almost entirely on cleaning out the side of my house/yard closest to J’s. It was an absolute disaster back there. The people before us just left a bunch of crap back there and it became completely infested with rats (of which I’ve caught 5 to date, although we did see one run across the back fence from F’s house to J’s). F helped me tremendously by not only allowing me to fill his truck up with all the crap, but by helping me to load it too. We took 500 pounds worth of junk to the dump which was awesome. The side yard looks completely different now. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. It took me about 6 hours, maybe 7, to vomit everything out from the side area into the lawn so I could sort it, and then load it all up. I salvaged what I could, mostly large boards that could be used for raised beds or a trellis or something.

There were two rats nests that I found; one contained an adolescent cat skeleton. The stuff back there hadn’t been touch in years probably (at the very least it wasn’t touched during the year that we’ve been here) so there was plenty of time for the cat to get its self in there. It was just fur and bones thankfully. There were no rats present which was really awesome.

Having completed that yesterday, F came over and topped the tree next to my room. We filled two yard waste bins with the branches. The cuts a little uneven, but considering it was done for free, and it’s a tree, I really don’t mind. It’ll grow back, and now it’s not threatening to grow up over the house and clog the gutters, which is awesome. Before we did that however, my mom and sister and I went out for lunch and then went grocery shopping. In the parking lot of the grocery store my sister and I were rough housing and she managed to hit me in the mouth, causing a bloody lip and scratched finger. I’ve told you all before about how little I enjoy being hit in the face right? I don’t mind being hit anywhere else nearly so much as I mind being hit in the face. I was more stunned by it then anything. My sister just kind of mauled me, so I lifted my arm up to block her from hitting me in the chest which resulted in her fist “slipping” up to my mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. Thankfully it wasn’t that bad and I was able to walk around the store without needing to go to the ER.

Other than that though, today was pretty uneventful. I weeded out some of the top most level, which is nice to have cleared out. We’ve filled a yard waste bin with nothing but weeds and rats since last week. And of course we’re no where near being done. My mom came up with the idea today of just kenneling the dogs for a day or two so we can spray everything with grass killer. It’s grown into EVERYTHING so even if we weeded the entire yard free of it, it would still comeback because it’s grown into all of the wooden planks surrounding the lawn and composing the stairs. It’s insane. Having it gone would make such a big difference. Over half of the time I spend weeding is spent on pulling out the grass that’s woven it’s annoying rhizome-roots into all the tree roots and rocks and up into the raised beds. The “little” weeds of the yard take up no time at all. It’s the grass that’s the problem. And it’s in every single flowerbed we’ve got. There isn’t more than a few square feet of unbroken space that isn’t occupied by that annoying grass. We’ve also got some really tall grass but I like it and am tempted to let it go to seed again. We think it was an ornamental grass because when we moved in it was only in one little spot and it had large pretty seed pods.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. I did email another person about bees today (referred to me by J’s old roommate D) but he told me he didn’t have anything either. He told me to check back with him in a week though, which I’ll be doing for sure. I’m REALLY hoping B will be able to spare me a nuc too so I can have a diverse set of genes for next year.

Ok, I’m really off to bed now. These last two days have been wonderfully exhausting. I can’t tell you how much I love doing these kinds of things.