I fell asleep on the bus ride home today so I want to make this quick.

I came home and sat around for a bit to warm myself up, then went and planted things in the yard for a couple hours. I barely dented the tulip box I brought home. I planted things in as many places as I could but I’ll have to move to the front yard tomorrow. We’ve got tulips, lilies, daffodils, a ground cover whose name I just forgot, and all the fundraiser stuff plus the stuff from Oregon. And I left all the seeds and bulbs out over night and of course it rained so I’m going to have to plant EVERYTHING relatively soon. Ugh.

I also checked the rat traps I set last night and found both traps full. Blech. J came over and helped me with them because I wasn’t too keen on touching them. She saw a rat run around while I was placing the traps back so of course I jumped up 5 feet and was out of there. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but the people two houses down from us have rats in their tree because they hang a bunch of bird feeders up there. The rats have made it over to the side of our house where the previous owners left a bunch of crap and they’re now living in the grass seed. So, I caught two. I told S who told F who gave me another three traps to set. I had already caught another by tonight, but it was only by the pack paw and I wasn’t going to go let it out. It got away of course, but hopefully it’ll get caught in one of the other 4 again.

I finished Eragon today and have moved onto Eldest. It was the main character talking about being a farmer that got me to go outside, despite the wind chill which made it feel like it was in the 40’s. It was only in the 50’s. I couldn’t do much weeding though because both of our bins are at the weight limit. Our yard is THAT bad that we can fill two yard waste bins in two consecutive weeks. And not even make a dent in the weeds. I’m seriously considering just spraying everything. I know it would go against my (we’ll call them) “principles”, but there’s just too much grass to actually get rid of it. It’s growing in the rail road ties and under rocks and around sprinkler pipes. Spraying is really the only way to get rid of it.

 And Amber, I promise I WILL reply to your comments, I’m just super tired. Curse tiredness!